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  1. I would check out the websites of groups you're interested in and see where their alumni have ended up. Likely you will have similar opportunities. I would also contact professors who may set up Skype calls during which you can determine if they're a good personal match. Also, I would try contacting current students and ALUMNI (who tend to give more honest answers since they're already graduated). I visited UMich a month ago. Nice facilities (esp. cleanroom), but cold weather.. I can't stress enough how important your fit with the professor/group is. I met with two professors during my visit. I really clicked with one professor (and his students), but the other (and his students) not at all.. I feel that the brand name UMich is strong enough to give you good west/east coast opportunities (given that you work hard).
  2. Note that UCSB is rank 3 in materials engineering, very highly regarded. Not sure if you want to put a materials twist in your research..
  3. Stanford Perhaps your advisor can offer you a stipend, TAship, RAship. I'm not sure if these only apply to PhD students.. But if you prove your diligence to your advisor, he may offer you something.
  4. Congrats! I have a CS friend who faced the same dilemma two years ago. He ended up choosing Berkeley and is now a software engineer at a reputable company. Have you received external fellowships (GRFP, etc)? If not, Berkeley seems more attractive.. I think most of it comes down to which professor/group you want to work with. Note where the alumni in the group have ended up, since you'll probably have the same opportunities. I can't answer much of your questions, since I'm just a prospective PhD student. My choice of Berkeley over Stanford was fairly easy, since Stanford only let me pursue a terminal Masters degree.
  5. School ranking Also, I hope you visited some schools and spoke with professors you're interested in researching under.
  6. I think it's important to check out the alumni from each group you're considering. Does the group consistently put graduating students into academia/national/industry labs every year? Perhaps the groups with younger professors won't have much alumni yet.. I think the hotness of a topic is crucial. If you make a big contribution to a hot field, esp. from a brand-name school like UMichigan, then you have great chances at academia (and guaranteed offers from national/industry labs). I think the brand UMichigan by itself will guarantee you national/industry opportunities.
  7. Aww, guess I didn't make it.. Just wondering, did you hear this from the admissions committee?
  8. Congrats on UIUC I also applied to Purdue and cited Prof. Shalaev and Prof. Boltasseva's incredible research. Perhaps Purdue is stronger in your particular field of interest? (I'm not sure) I believe that Purdue's visit days are coming up. Perhaps the most important thing is to meet advisors of interest AND their students. If you don't fit in well with your advisor and his students, then you're in for a rough time. BTW, I'm assuming you're pursuing a PhD?
  9. I'm clueless too.. Fingers crossed
  10. I don't think Stanford usually interviews Masters EE candidates.. I know someone last year accepted without interviews.
  11. Take the two official computer practice tests (https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/powerprep2). The format is the exact same as the real thing. Take the full test including essays. Whatever score you get on the practice should be what you get on the actual test (+/- 1-2 points in my experience). These practice tests are limited (only two), accurate, and thus very valuable. I would save these computer practice tests until after you've practiced with GRE books. I liked the official ETS GRE book. (Note that you technically have infinite pauses between sections. If you have to go to the bathroom often, confirm with your proctor before the test that it's okay.) Download the Magoosh mobile vocabulary word app. Can learn and practice words on the go.
  12. Btw download the Magoosh GRE vocab app. I could learn new words on the go (bus, etc..) Super awesome!
  13. https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/powerprep2 Take these tests. Do at least one fully all in one go (essays, math and reading). I scored almost identically on these practice tests and the actual test.
  14. I did not receive an "Official Documents Request" section.. Also do not know when we will get results. Same, kinda worried here
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