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  1. Classic campus feel. No.
  2. This is not true - (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicholas-harris-7114b233/). The question is whether your work at your MS institution will be of a sufficient caliber to make the MITs and Stanfords think their initial assessment of you was incorrect. Being a perfectly good MS student at a good school isn't enough to change that assessment.
  3. DiscoTech

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    That was partly sarcasm. I say partly because Spokoyny called out STI-TEC on twitter and linked to this thread in his criticism. It is really weird that someone joined Gradcafe and immediately put up a post defending STI-TEC and did nothing else. I mean, I get seeing STI-TEC's point of view but it is just weird for that to be triggering event to create an account here.
  4. DiscoTech

    New NDSEG website not secure?

    Looks like STI-TEC setup a sock puppet account. Don't blame them. Professors Spokoyny and Armani are blasting them on Twitter (https://mobile.twitter.com/ArmaniLab/status/985630862631780352). Spokoyny linked to gradcafe!
  5. DiscoTech

    Help - Stanford vs VTech

    In every instance, no. If there is absolutely no one at Stanford you are interested in working for, VT might make sense. But I doubt that is the case. My assumption is that there are at least a couple of people at Stanford doing research you are somewhat interested in. It is hard to excel in graduate school if you are miserable where you live. For some people life is miserable because of low stipends in expensive metros. For others it is living in boring places with superficially nice folk in middle America. If D1 college culture and small town America aren't your cup of tea, I wouldn't recommend Blacksburg.
  6. DiscoTech

    Help - Stanford vs VTech

    Having to TA and deal with Stanford's "up or out" approach to culling its PhD pool is pretty annoying. But you say you want to be pushed. Well, you will be! Sounds like you will thrive under the pressure. Also, you will not be starting at square if you leave Stanford with just an MS. You should also be able to knock out 1-2 years worth of course requirements at where ever you love on for your PhD. All that said, the real reason not to go to VT is that Blacksburg is incredibly depressing a place to be for 4-6 years. Especially if you are someone who likes what vibrant metros have to offer. When people try to sell me on a place because of its low cost of living, I always remind myself - "the cist of living is low here because no one wants to live there!" Some people like the idea of living in bu$$fu$k with a big sports culture. I get the sense that isn't you.
  7. You can explain the situation to your second choice U and see if they are willing to extend their deadline by a week. Presumably that is a reasonable enough time for your top professor at your top school get back to you. I did this and the POI at my second choice kept the offer open for 2 weeks.
  8. Why did you email your second choice professor at your top school if you were going to pick your second choice university over them anyway?
  9. Oof. I don't know that many people would recommend you stay with the DC school. Working towards with a constant background level of fear is just not healthy. Just make sure that the grass is actually greener at Syracuse. I switched programs going from MS to PhD. Now the reason for my switch had nothing to do with any unhappiness about with my MS institution. However, I did notice that my impression of my PhD school came back down to earth after 8 months on the job. I am happy with my choice, but it wasn't all it was billed to be. Thankfully, I fully expected this to happen. Also, don't fall into the rankings trap. Small differences in actual program reputation (3.7 vs. 4.0) on US News' scale might translate into a huge difference in ordinal ranking (#15 vs. #30). Just make sure #2 vs. #21 really translates into a meaningful difference in program perception. Good luck with a difficult situation. I think I would leave if I were in your shoes, but that is easier said than done.
  10. DiscoTech

    UW Madison ECE PhD - No funding yet

    It depends on the particular program. Some schools guarantee funding for all admitted PhD students (MIT and Princeton come to mind). A lot of other schools will admit a few PhD students without funding, either hoping that the student finds a way to get an RA/TA or hoping that the student takes the gamble of paying for a semester or two out of pocket before finding funding. I am not familiar with Wisconsin's program in particular, but I would not be surprised if they were in the latter category of school.
  11. Sometimes you need to let things go. You're on your third message board with what you acknowledge is an "extremely common question" and has likely been covered a ton on all three message boards already. I am sorry I could not offer the sympathy and affirmation you crave.
  12. You're welcome! "Boo hoo" beats "cry me a river." No?
  13. For the love of God, why do people accept offers they aren't crazy about well before the deadline? Boo hoo, you got an early acceptance. Stop trying to rationalize your decision by likening an early acceptance and funding offer into a stealth pressure campaign. Did want to you to accept quickly? Of course they did. Do you think they made you an early offer of admission and funding because they were ambivalent about you? They wanted you! That is OK. The school clearly told you that the deadline was April 15th. They did everything right. Nonsense rationalization is what got you in this situation to begin with. Christ! Live with the choices you made. Don't come up with BS reasons for justifying whatever you are going to do. As poorly as you've handled this, fuzzy is right. A PhD is a long time and you should consider what is in your long term best interest. If and when you do withdraw from the school you know informed you'd enroll at, let them know as soon as possible that you are withdrawing so that they can go down their list of applicants and get their 2nd or 3rd choice candidate. It is the least you could do even if you dread this conversation. If a phone call is too scary, at least send an e-mail. Professors are surprisingly understanding with stuff like this, especially if you are honest about your situation and timely with your response.

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