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  1. BananaSlug4MSW

    What are your 4 dream jobs? Are you qualified for any of them?

    My attainable dream job would be a high-ranking clinical social worker with the Air Force. My ultimate dream job would be a forensic psychologist but that's would be better suited for "ideal" me that could handle all life throws at her, not the "real" me that would probs have an emotional breakdown a few months in (because the justice system is too much yo) 😅
  2. BananaSlug4MSW

    USC MSW 2019 Program Admission and Scholarships

    Hello! I applied by the priority deadline and got admitted (accepted the offer already) and got the merit-based scholarship late last week. Hoping there's more but, if not, gonna have to get back in the personal statement and letter of rec headspace for the philanthropic scholarships!
  3. BananaSlug4MSW

    USC MSW Fall 2019

    Yupp, November 16th, found out last Tuesday. Thank you
  4. BananaSlug4MSW

    USC MSW Fall 2019

    Hello! I got into their on campus program as well and decided to accept the admissions offer even though the financial aid offer hasn't come through since they're my top top top choice. I'm thinking of living in the Long Beach or Anaheim/Fullerton area since they're equidistant from the campus and my family (family is in Inland Empire). What did you put for the work study question since your financial offer hadn't come in? Good luck everyone!
  5. BananaSlug4MSW

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    I'm planning on doing the on-campus, hoping to become a clinical social worker for the air force after i get licensed and all that good stuff. Good luck!
  6. BananaSlug4MSW

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Congrats on your admission! I got into USC as well, do you happen to know when the financial aid information would go out? I figured I would check on here before contacting my admissions counselor. I have my heart set on this program because of their military social work track but it's so expensive that without adequate funding I'll have to say no ?
  7. BananaSlug4MSW

    MSW Nerves and Fears

    Hello! I'm also applying to USC, I submitted my application by the priority deadline, have you heard anything back yet? I keep stressing out about it since it's been almost two months since they confirmed receiving my materials and people last year heard back as early as December >_>
  8. BananaSlug4MSW

    Is anyone else just way too anxious?

    I am in literally the same boat. This is my third time applying to grad schools and I'm currently waiting on my top choice (I submitted my app for them in November while my other two apps were barely due this month). I've been constantly oscillating between back up planning and daydreaming about getting in, doesn't help that I've been home sick all week. I wish you the best of luck and hope we both get in to our schools of choice!
  9. BananaSlug4MSW

    SJSU MSW Program for 2018

    Thank you, after sleeping on it I feel like it's giving me the motivation to get more experience and just apply again next year if it doesn't pan out ? I applied to the children and family and mental health concentrations but only for the 3 year part time program cuz I want to keep working full time for the first year at least
  10. BananaSlug4MSW

    SJSU MSW Program for 2018

    Hello all... Just got an email that I'm on the waiting list... feeling quite ambivalent about it all lol ?‍♀️
  11. BananaSlug4MSW

    SJSU MSW Applicants

    Congrats! Would you mind sharing your stats?
  12. BananaSlug4MSW

    SJSU MSW Applicants

    I wonder how many part-time people have heard back from SJSU.... From what I gather two people on the forums heard back for the part-time program? The wait is almost over regardless but I just can stop angsting out about it all lol ?
  13. BananaSlug4MSW

    SJSU MSW Applicants

    Welcome to the stress center! lol I found their admissions stats for the social work program through this link: http://www.iea.sjsu.edu/Programs/ProgRev/programs.cfm?program=SCWK It even lets you organize it by various categories which is pretty cool. Hope we all get some good news this week! Keep on keepin on everyone :)
  14. BananaSlug4MSW

    SJSU MSW Program for 2018

    Congrats! Which program did you apply for?
  15. BananaSlug4MSW

    SJSU MSW Program for 2018

    Congrats! Would you be willing to share your stats?

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