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  1. i'm sure that is when they submitted everything. Letter of Recs were given a different deadline and that is something the applicant has no control of. I submitted my app 2 weeks before the deadline but i'm pretty sure I won't be admitted. My GPA is too low and I was really relying on my years of experience to give me an edge but i'm already losing hope and accepted that I won't get in... again... there's still 2 more agonizing months left. haha best of luck to you!
  2. Congrats! pretty sure you've been admitted.
  3. Congrats! Is this for the online or on-campus program?
  4. Gotcha... I'll do that from now on too
  5. Where do you see that? I don't see any new results...
  6. From what i read, she submitted her application in early January. ChincanaMSW2018 applied late and hasn't heard back yet... I'm only assuming she would be admitted to SJSU because she got into UCB so there's no doubt she should be admitted. Looks like they are reviewing applications by order of when they were received.
  7. Cool, keep us updated to which school you decided on.
  8. Congrats! looks like they're letting online/hybrid applicants know first.... unless someone in here got into the 2 year program already... which i'm assuming no..
  9. Congrats! will you be accepting your admission?
  10. Is it still in "final review"?
  11. so tempted to call.... but its still early... Anyone have any updates?
  12. Sooo um... Be honest... how many times did you guys check your MySJSU account today?.... I counted 16 times for myself today.... I need to stop lol
  13. I was looking back on old posts and some received the message and some didn't... those who did were accepted...sooooo... hopefully thats good news? lol some who also didn't get the message were also admitted so i don't know.... just having wishful thinking. lol
  14. Did anyone apply for the stipend? it was due yesterday by 5pm. Also, did anyone else also complete the financial aid app? I received a message in MYSJSU to complete it by march 2nd for maximum funding but i haven't heard anything yet from the program.
  15. lol... I just got a message regarding financial aid... but status remains the same
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