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  1. Hi, I think if you haven't received a rejection yet, you might be under consideration for their MAPSS program? I assume that since they are figuring out the funding for MAPSS (people get 1/3, 1/2 and full scholarships), it probably takes more time. Not 100% sure but hope this helps!
  2. Hi, I am an applicant waitlisted for a phd program in a social science subject at a top university. I've had two interviews with two faculty members which I thought went well. They felt more like casual conversations in which the professors introduced their program to me. I've always felt that the program is a great fit for me; the faculties are nice and diverse (which is not usually the case); some of them work on similar topics and regions that I want to work on. So I've always really wanted to go. I feel really sad but not bitter about the waitlist--I know that it's a small and compet
  3. Hi, does anyone know if all uchicago and harvard admits have been contacted?
  4. Hi, I would say the best way to check if a program offers interviews or not is to go to result page and search for school name+anthropology. If there is a trend that nobody reports an interview in a few years, but people do report acceptance, then the program probably doesn't offer interviews. Most top programs do interview at least some of their applicants.
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