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  1. Northwestern has an excellent post bacc neuroscience program that you qualify for as long as you obtained your bachelor's less than three years ago, http://www.nuin.northwestern.edu/postbac-program/ . MIT bcs also has a great post bacc program which accepts people with Master degrees as well as long you have a bachelor's in a stem field https://bcs.mit.edu/academic-program/post-baccalaureate-research-scholars-program-brain-and-cognitive-science. If a post bacc program isn't really what you're looking for I would highly recommend applying for a research assistant position at janelia https://w
  2. Your statement of purpose and letters of recommendations are the most important part of your application. If you want to look at where you can improve I would start there. A lot of schools don't send out invites until January, so there's still a good chance you'll get an interview!
  3. You should send an email to the departments you applied to right away letting them know; that will look great on your application! You can get a signature in the account settings options
  4. I heard back from them today, and I'm 90% sure they're going to be releasing more over the next few days!
  5. Same here! I'm trying to move more into the experimental side, so I only applied to schools that are strong in both experimental and computational and it looks like you did the same! Which PIs are you interested in at Columbia?
  6. Other than brown we applied to the same schools haha. I also applied to caltech, uchicago and a few backup schools. Columbia has been my dream school since high school so not hearing anything from them is kind of freaking me out! Did you apply to the computational neuroscience programs because your interests seem pretty computational?
  7. I'm interested in the interplay between neural circuits and behavior, and I want to focus more on how these circuits are transformed in disease states like schizophrenia, but I want to keep an open mind for grad school. Your research interests sound very interesting which schools did you apply to?
  8. If you're asking about the program in neuroscience, the interviews are going to be Feb 24th and 25th
  9. That wouldn't be weird at all! In fact I would recommend doing that
  10. I got a call first from them, but I missed it. Then I got an unofficial email from a poi.
  11. Uchicago is starting to release invites for their interviews Feb 7th-11th. It looks like they have two choices Thursday to Saturday 7-9 , or Saturday to Monday 9-11.
  12. Princeton is still releasing invites; at least they are for sure going to release more tomorrow I have no idea how many more though. Best of luck!
  13. Has anyone heard from Harvard (PiN) yet? I heard from someone that they were supposed to send out their invites today, but I haven't seen anything on the results pages yet
  14. From the results page it looks like they're still rolling out invites this week, so I wouldn't lose hope yet!
  15. I got the official email from them at around 3pm today, but the interview days are still tentative. They may be releasing invites in waves, so I hope you get an invite too! Best of luck everyone
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