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  1. @TakeruK thank you so much for your answer. It has indeed opened my eyes to the benefits such a process could provide!
  2. I really don't understand the process anymore. I am an international student in EE and where I am from the PhD starts by selecting a supervisor/Lab who is willing to take you. Then you apply (which is basically guaranteed if your intended supervisor approved) in the US, everything is in reverse! First you have to get accepted to the program. Only then do you start with the selection of a supervisor, but nothing is guaranteed! I may have wanted to work with Prof. X but end up working with Prof. Y?! Can someone explain the logic behind this process?
  3. Ok, so for some weird reason I waited until everything was decided until I posted. So here goes: Undergrad Institution: Foreign University (Israel) Masters Institution:Foreign University (Israel)Major(s): EE (4 year program)GPA in Major: BSc: 87/100, MSc: 92/100Position in Class: near topGRE Scores (revised):Q:167V: 162W: 4.0TOEFL Total: 117Research Experience: over 6 years R&D research in Industry 3x 1st authored papers, 2x 1st authored conferences, 1 patentAwards/Honors/Recognitions: nopePertinent Activities or Jobs: TA, very diverse research experience due to my jobSpecial Bon
  4. When I talked to some admission advisers, they seemed to anticipate the huge volume of applications they were going to face. It doesn't change all that much from year to year. However, they did indicate that the process is somewhat iterative: meaning they recommend on applicants, wait to hear form the professors about those, go back to checking other applicants and so forth. Not to mention having a "wait list" (declared or undeclared) in the case that some of their top picks reject the offer. So yeah, totally annoying to be in the dark, but it's better than a flat-out rejection cause at l
  5. Many thanks to all those who participated in this discussion (except @CoyoteBlue, who simply dished out her own frustration...not cool) especially @AP for your sound advice and logical reasoning and also to @Entangled Phantoms for "giving it to me straight". To clarify, I got over it and am moving on. Had to mope for a few days because I have faced quite a few rejections in the past (significant and not) but this one was unique: I got to the interview phase, I thought it went really well, and I got my hopes up....mistake. I understand there are many factors for choosing the "right"
  6. thank you guys, this helps a lot!!!
  7. Ok, I'll start by saying that in many ways I am very lucky. I know that. I got accepted to some of my top choices this season, and I am very excited to be starting a PhD this coming fall. However... The rejection of some grad schools keeps me wondering...why wasn't I good enough? The issue seems even more absurd since I know for a fact that I am not a typical candidate for various reasons (I've also been told that by every interviewer/POI I had talked to), so I may not be everyone's 'cup of tea'. My friends tell me I am being ridiculous... I got accepted to some of the best sch
  8. In the same boat...not sure what is going on.
  9. Didn't receive any indication as to the name/amount of the fellowship. I was instructed to wait for the admission packet for additional info.
  10. got the email on Feb 3rd, I just mentioned EE because that's my field, not because I know of any difference in the admission process. good luck!
  11. I also received an acceptance email (I'm EE not CS) My email was without the string of names, and my name does NOT appear in the above list as well. I got a slightly different letter stating I am also awarded a first year fellowship. Congrats to all who made it!
  12. To the gods of admission committees, please put us out of our misery! (not to be petty, an unofficial acceptance from a POI will also be great!)
  13. Yes, I am an international student. It appeared on my applyweb status (I only checked after seeing posts here). It appeared after 2 interviews with POIs that went well and before an additional skype interview with a non-POI. Who knows what it all means at this point...
  14. I am applying for the EE PhD program and I had to send originals as part of my application as well. This is an additional request I think...but I am not sure it correlates to being admitted.
  15. I had a chat with a POI from Princeton last week. He told me they started interviewing about a week ago. I am not sure if they interview all of their applicants. Good luck to you!
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