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  1. I Am going to be honest with you. I'm sorry if this comes off as a bit harsh. I only mean well. But I have a vested interest because you are in my field. Your GPA is really low and your GRE is lackluster. My undergrad institution accepted low GPAs along with a near perfect GRE score on occasion(Eastern Washington U). I really don't think you will be able to get in on your credentials. You can study up on the GRE or subject specific GRE and say that you changed your tune, you wanted to get into higher education and worked hard. But it will be an uphill battle all the way. If y
  2. I got into a couple of programs and I have some big decisions to make. I wanted to say thank you to you guys for keeping me company these lasts months. You're the best. This process is scary and awful. XoXoXo
  3. I am scheduling a meeting with my undergrad adviser to talk about my options... It's all just a little scary. When I visited GATECH I cowered outside the symposium hall and a very nice professor came and sat with me and told me that nobody fails if they try. You don't have to be smart, just work hard.
  4. So i got into 2 schools, one is ranked 90th and one is ranked 3rd.I am literally afraid of the number 3 school in the nation because i hear the coursework is absolutely killer. WTH is wrong with me?
  5. I'm kinda super bummed out right now, I called UO in January and asked about my status(waitlist). They said I'd have a for sure yes or no answer by the end of Jan. Well Jan has some and gone and I have other offers. I had two undergrad friends who applied there because they thought I was a sure-in. They got in, I didn't. I had a departmental recommendation from their biology faculty. I visited multiple times, I had grad students take me out to coffee and talk about the program. It all looked great. I don't understand what happened. So, I have great other offers with great funding and all sort
  6. tell me more about this rejection email
  7. So I've been wait listed at two schools I was very interested in Attending and this other one that wasn't my top choice but has a very good program(Big department, lots of research I'm interested in and lots of funding). I am wondering if I should just bite it and forget about those other guys who clearly didn't see value in me. I am leaving to hike across the continent in a month anyway I want to forget about it all and enjoy my life.
  8. Getting into grad school is hard! Just know, there is a silver lining to everything You're gonna be okay.
  9. Hell, I flew 2000 miles to my campus to go ask my letter personally to PLEASE write my letter. He wrote on guys letter late and he didn't get in to anywhere as a result. Mine got in though, a day before they were due.
  10. I think it's a combo of the powers that be and the fit of the student. I'd hope you mentioned specific prof you wanna work with, you apply to professors just as much as the school and lots of apps are not always better. That being said, I know that you will end up the place that's the best fit, and I hope you get to go where you want and accomplish your dreams You're awesome! and life is gonna be okay no matter what, you're gonna be okay.
  11. Why do grad schools just insist on telling you absolutely nothing, even after first round rejections, after first round interviews, just leaving you in absolute limbo! I am so perturbed. (Also, is perturbed only in the vocab of someone who recently took the GRE; along with peripatetic and esoteric?)
  12. That is the most awful thing I have ever read in my life
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