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  1. I totally get that. I was just notified today of my Top Choice's admissions update so I'm finally going to get some sleep at night. Although just understand that this painstaking wait process will be over soon.
  2. I believe after everything I only ended up spending about $500. I don't mean to say "only" as if $500 is chump change to me, as it is not by any means; I simply said that to elaborate on the fact that I only applied to three programs. I understand that some individuals apply to 9+ and so I can understand the amount stacks up pretty substantially.
  3. Email. Woke up with a "A decision is available for you...." Email this morning.
  4. I WAS ADMITTED INTO THE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY SOUND ARTS MFA!!!!!!!!! I couldn't breathe for a cool 6 seconds ya'll.
  5. I too am waiting to hear back from Columbia, although I've been put in touch with two of the current grad students there and they've had very positive things to say, about both my work and ideologies and the way the faculty feels about me. Fingers crossed for those os us still waiting.
  6. I kinda wanna interject my input on the awesome conversation of post undergrad academia continuation but I think everything has been said. I will say though that I'm doing the same thing and I'm even in debate of leaving my dream job (currently working as a Short From coordinator for Super Deluxe) to continue my education but I'm okay with that. The way I've looked at it over the past year before I even applied was that I wanted to weigh my privilege of being abled to study and be a member of higher education over the things that I'm comfortable with now. Not everyone gets the chance to even finish their undergrad. I know some applicants here are 30+ but I'm 24 and I have CLOSE friends that have two children right now and it scares the shit out of me (not to undermine though who study and have kids because holy shit... those are some fucking epic people. I just know how difficult it gets balancing a family, academics, and everyday life). So when I started thinking about taking time off versus working through the sleepless nights just a little longer I thought it would be a great option considering that I transferred to CalArts as a third year so I'd be doing my BFA and MFA within 4 years time. So I respect everything that everyone has said but I think it REALLY depends on individual situations and it's never going to be an easy decision.
  7. Sound Art. I know it's like a bit of a lienation from visual art but it's within the school so I thought I'd share.
  8. All people waiting to hear from Columbia post interview. I just got off of the phone with a current student and was informed that he was notified 2 weeks post interview before he was accepted. Don't count yourselves out just yet!
  9. Got an email from the dean of Sound Arts at Columbia after asking to be put in touch with some current students stating "You will find out about admissions very soon"....
  10. I could not imagine getting as important of an email that early in the morning lol.
  11. Btw I've got a totally random question but I thought I'd ask (maybe some small talk might help us out a little) when it comes to when we expect to hear back and when the letters will be sent out; does anyone expect it to be in the morning? I figured it would usually happen by the time I wake up and look at my phone seeing as how I'm in LA and Columbia in is NY but seeing the replies of acceptances and everything kind of makes me think differently. I guess the letter can kinda come whenever? What do you all think?
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