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  1. Hi, Josh! I think this is a stellar idea! It would certainly make prospective grad students' search much more efficient which will be very helpful, in my opinion. Information on faculty research can be vague and it would help if there is more disclosure on that end. Also, if there was a way for students to be able to identify the faculty members who are looking to recruit PhDs (for research and such) from those that aren't because I imagine it can be disheartening for a faculty member's research summary to pique a prospective student's own interest only for them to contact the faculty mem
  2. Seeing as this is your third year, I don't think you should be doing much aside from focusing on getting good grades, especially since we're in the beginning of the academic year. If you are eager and excited to get started on your Grad school search (as I was) I would suggest that you do some light research on where you would want to go and (maybe) make a list of potential POIs or Professors of Interest you would like to work with (not an exhaustive one yet). I think that's really all you should be doing now. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  3. This thread might be a couple of months old, but I feel I need to contribute my own crazy backup plan(s). I just started pursuing a master's and I plan on applying to Ph.D. programs when the times comes. If I don't get into any of the schools I apply to (if I don't try again) I'll probably follow my second dream and go to school for Classical Studies or East Asian Studies with a focus on Japan. Or, alternatively, I could move to Scotland's west coast and open up a cute little inn (which has always been one of my dreams)
  4. I thought a B was an acceptable grade for foundation courses in grad programs! Why did you get kicked out for a B in statistics? Strange. I'm sorry you went through what you did, but know that just because something didn't work in your favor the first time around doesn't mean you're a failure or that you can't try again!
  5. Are you guys applying to M.A programs, Ph.D programs or both?
  6. Kudos to you for intending on only applying to programs in schools that you genuinely want to attend! I never understood why some people apply to schools that they don't really want to go to. I think it's paramount for students to apply to programs at universities or colleges they would love to attend. Good luck!
  7. Based on your presented credentials, I would say you have a pretty good chance of getting into the programs you listed. Good luck, I hope you do get in!
  8. It seems like the Imposter Syndrome is alive and well.
  9. I'm also very glad I found this thread! I start next Wednesday and, surprisingly, I'm not feeling very nervous, but I am feeling a little intimidated because I don't entirely know what to expect. But, I'm also very excited for orientation next week!
  10. This my first time venting on this forum and I have a LOT to contribute, but for now, I'll just stick with one complaint: Since last December, I was certain to wanted to go to grad school for Cognitive Psychology or Neuroscience and subsequently found my dream program and school (Neuroscience and Education at TC Columbia University), I delayed submitting my application for months before finally submitting it two weeks ago (my program has rolling admissions) because I don't cope well with rejection. I was accepted (which I was ecstatic about) but now I face the burden of tuition and how I'm goi
  11. Hello @Michele@brundage, Disclaimer: I'm not recommending this particular program to you because I've no idea if it's a reputable online program, I merely presenting it as a possibility: the City University of New York (CUNY) School of Professional Studies offers an line Master of Arts in Psychology Program, with specializations in either Industrial/Organizational Psychology or Developmental Psychology. Here is the a link that goes to program info: http://catalog.sps.cuny.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=2&poid=96. Hope this helps!
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