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  1. An RA would definitely be ideal. I've got one pretty much lined up for the first half of summer, and then....the world is my oyster!
  2. I'm doing my senior research project on how ice melting is impacting species in the Arctic, and learning about stratification and circulation dynamics has been fascinating to me. I've also seen a lot of cool research involving underwater drones to collect that sort of data, which is part of what lead me to looking into computer stuff as well. I'm still waiting to hear back from all my schools though, so we'll see what happens
  3. Hi! Biology major here trying to get into a marine biology/oceanography program. I'm in a similar predicament, except I have a biology background and am hoping to start learning more about physical oceanography, climate science, and coding/modeling. I've applied to 3 programs and have yet to hear back from any of them. Congrats on the acceptance! Where have you applied/heard back?
  4. If you're anything like me, you're thinking "jeez I haven't heard back/gotten accepted anywhere yet....wth will I do this fall?" In my desire to have some sort of a plan (if only for being able to work towards something and remain sane), I've thought of a thousand other things I'd like to/plan to do if I don't end up going to graduate school. Some are silly (biologist-turned-celebrity-chef) and some are legitimate (gain more research experience and network), but all have the potential to be extremely valid come graduation in a few months. What about you?
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