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  1. They do expire after 15 years of the date of discharge.
  2. To be fair, I was the one that initiated contact by sending her an email telling her that though I was disappointed with the results, it isn't discouraging me and I hope to work with her in the future. That's when she offered it, but she hasn't responded back in about a week now. Even with a friendly reminder email about how my decision deadline is coming up and I need to know to make my decision.
  3. It is not. And according to the email, I wouldn't be at to get a TA/RA position until after my first year. I'm not too concerned that it's unfunded, because I still have some GI Bill benefits left to cover the first year of the program.
  4. Thank you for that insight. Yeah. The one faculty I had the most contact with was the one who told me about the decision and what the factors were that got me passed over. Ultimately, my application was competitive enough, but they were only accepting two in the department this year, and the preference went to new faculty hires. Plus, after looking at the results board, my GPA could be a little higher. Those two who were accepted have an average GPA of 3.8, while currently mine is a 3.6.
  5. Thank you. My end goal is to ultimately get my PhD. The benefits of accepting the masters program is that it's within my field, and the degree itself is actually my exact subfield. I spoke with my potential faculty advisor and she said for my thesis/project I would be allowed to conduct my data collect/research in the field over the summer to get that experience. The benefit of doing the volunteer work, though, is that it was recommended by one of the faculty whom I listed as a potential advisor at one of my top choices that I got rejected for this year. She said I was one of the top choices,
  6. So I'm torn and figured wouldn't hurt to get some outside opinions. I was rejected to every anthropology PhD program I applied for. Across the board, the reason was because others who applied and were accepted had more field experience. I was, however, accepted into a master of science program in exactly the field I want. To add onto the situation, one of the faculty advisors at one of the PhD programs I was rejected to emailed me and asked me if I wanted to volunteer at her site to gain that experience so I can apply again next year as a stronger candidate, though, as we know, it wouldn't be
  7. If I don't make it into any of the programs I've applied to (which is now starting to seem like a very real possibility), I plan on taking a year off to gain more experience since that has been the theme of why I've been rejected so far. Since I only have one more school I haven't heard back from, I'm going to assume the worse and that I've been rejected from there as well, so I'm currently looking into where I can volunteer at so I can beef up my research/experience.
  8. I applied to anthropology PhD programs at Boston University, University of Georgia, Stony Brook, and Washington University in St. Louis. So far I've only heard back from Boston University (rejection) but none of the others. I was just wondering if there was anybody else out there who applied to these programs and are in the same boat as me. I know there have been very few who posted in the results board about acceptances and rejections, but is there anyone else in limbo with these programs?
  9. I finally got my first rejection email a few days ago, but every other program I have applied to I have still not heard anything from. Some of them are on the results board; rejections, acceptances, wait listed, and scheduled interviews. I have emailed a few of them just incase I didn't get notified of a decision for whatever reason, and they've said the board is still deliberating. It's starting to drive me crazy.
  10. Hi all, I'm completely new to this site and this was one of the first threads to catch my eye, luckily enough. I was starting to feel out of place being in my 30s while most of the rest were early to mid-20s. I'm finishing up my BAs in Anthropology and Political Science and currently have six applications out there for masters and PhD programs. I'm almost starting to stress about these applications because I've heard nothing back yet, though I do realize this is common. It's still nerve-racking to go to the results page and see people with responses from programs I've applied to. I just f
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