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  1. Any opinions on UCLA's TEP program from current students/alum? I was curious to hear anyone's thoughts on the program while I await admissions notification And to any applicant: called and they stated decisions would be sent out mid to end of this week! but we will see! good luck to us all
  2. I really appreciate this thread that allows us to talk about the stress rather than finding distractions....no matter what the distraction is, I am in constant panic mode. I applied to a Master's program at UCLA. First they stated that we will be notified mid-late February. Then updated to late Feb beginning of March. I called last week to get an update on when admissions would be sent out (since the beginning of March was rolling through and I received a terrifying email stating "thank you for applying" (just a confirmation on application status)). They informed me if would be sent out
  3. I'm assuming that the program is having funding problems, therefore unable to send rejections. But why not accept students they have funding for, and have a waitlist, and send rejections out so the wait isn't this horrible. I don't know about their process, but I can't understand why the wait is so long. I also can't help but compare to other programs who sent out a/w/r a while ago....I would think the department would also update applicants.....I don't know, the wait is making me bitter.
  4. I'm too afraid to contact the department to inquire out of fear....this is so painful
  5. I have refused to email my program that I haven't heard back from because I'm scared and fearing the worst. But if that isn't a fear for you, if the program told you they would get back to you at a certain time..and a week has passed since that time, I feel like it is completely acceptable to email them again to receive an update. Maybe a call to the program so its not another email?
  6. Has anyone received waitlist status or a rejection from UCSC's lit program? Any sort of speculation on why this program is taking such an excruciatingly long time to release rejections? I'm assuming since it has been this long that it doesn't mean good news, but my god, having students wait this long (to hear about a rejection) is painful. Why are they doing this !
  7. I have yet to hear back from any program I applied to, and at this point, im expecting a rejection, but still holding onto to a tiny bit of hope. I hate suffering the wait, knowing would at least allow me to start putting in work for a plan B knowing im not wasting my time. :/
  8. I'd like to think I haven't heard back because i'm still on the "good list", but I still have the feeling that im already on the "bad list" and they are waiting to send out the rejection for some reason I can't imagine. Limbo isn't fun.
  9. I'm holding out hope too since technically, I haven't received a rejection. it feels like an implied rejection, but I would much rather have an actual rejection so I can get my mind off of it. I wish you the best of luck during this time of waiting!
  10. Has anyone else not heard back from any of the programs they applied to? I've been checking the results page on GradCafe, and some programs I applied to have sent out acceptances and waitlists, and even some rejections, but I haven't heard anyyyyything, which is driving me insane and increasing my levels of stress. is anyone else experiencing this? What does this mean?! what do we do!
  11. Application season was horrible for me, so I'm not really expecting an acceptance. While waiting for results, I'm contemplating what to do if rejection is my future. Would a gap year be good? Or should I consider a Masters programs? Are there any funded English Masters programs? Post-Baccs? Any programs/jobs/internships that would be good to consider while waiting for the next round of applications for the English phD? I'm feeling discouraged, but hoping that other opportunities might actually allow for a better application next go round.
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