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  1. UCR English has quite a folks interested in and a designated emphasis in speculative fiction.
  2. For me, it has come down to faculty, graduate student community, location, and fit. I will be accepting an offer at UMD!
  3. @MickeyRay No, sorry. I'm not sure. But 8 of us were admitted for American Studies, which may or may not be similar to WS.
  4. @MickeyRay UMD Women's Studies had their admitted students/visiting weekend earlier this week (I was there at the same time for American Studies). I suspect that they are likely referring to a wait list.
  5. UCSB also had their admit weekend recently and those of us on the waitlist have been notified. I didn't apply to UCLA for gender, but it is my home institution and department. From what I understand, they sent out offers early last month. I'm unsure about waitlists though.
  6. Finally received the official rejection from Yale! My admissions cycle is over!! Now, I'm just deciding between UMD American Studies PhD and UCLA African-American Studies MA. I will be visiting Maryland this weekend!
  7. Official NYU rejections came out this morning. Now, I'm just waiting on the rejection from Yale.
  8. @cypressknee yes! I actually used that book for my writing sample, along with Vincent Woodard's The Delectable Negro.
  9. I'm becoming more interested in food studies, particularly as it relates to objecthood and histories of rendering Black bodies as synonymous with food. I'm especially interested in how this plays out with the use of food in pornography. @NoirFemme You might also want to check out Williams-Forson's Building Houses out of Chicken Legs: Black Women, Food, and Power.
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