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  1. Haven't heard anything either. iirc I was rejected last year around a week after others had received acceptances. Yesterday was the two-week accept/decline deadline according to another poster here, so maybe we'll hear more about waitlists/rejections soon?
  2. congrats! this program one of my top choices so my anxiety just hit the roof did you see this on the evision portal, or was it an email?
  3. I applied to the Carleton MPPA and the SFU MPP. If you want to chat more about policy programs, feel free to PM me!
  4. Feeling nervous since I haven't heard from SFU. I was rejected there last year, about a week after everyone else heard. Many people heard back a week ago, so I'm expecting a rejection any day now. Apart from SFU, I am still waiting on UBC, UAlberta, and Western. It seems like UBC might release results very soon, based on the past few years' forums. Applied to a couple of public policy programs as backups (one of my career goals is to work as a policy analyst) and was accepted to both, so I'm feeling good about those options! Good luck to everyone waiting!
  5. Got accepted to the SFU MPP today!
  6. I remember seeing your username in the thread last year - Congratulations on both of your acceptances!
  7. Congrats to you both! Yep, waiting to hear back on 5 other applications. Seems like a great program though!
  8. Carleton offers are being sent out! Just received admission
  9. Hi all! This is my second year applying. My stats and experience: - Education: BA Hon Psych, First Class standing. cGPA 3.55; L2GPA 3.71. - Research experience: 1.5 years working post-grad as an RA in clinical neuro research; 1.5 years as an RA in a social psych lab; 2 semesters in RA in another social psych lab - Extracurriculars: 1.5 years volunteering with an NGO (not health focused - wrote grants, learned about policy, did outreach); 2 years on student executive of undergraduate academic organization; 3+ years of involvement in intercollegiate debate (included serving on the student executive; have maintained involvement as an alumni) ; started a journal club with students in my current lab to discuss medical ethics. Applied to UAlberta, SFU, UBC, and Western. Good luck everyone!
  10. BA Hon Psych from a Canadian university. 3.7 (last 2 years GPA), 3.55 (cGPA). 158Q 163V GRE. Over three years of research experience, including 6 months in clinical research after my undergraduate at the time of my application. No publications, no health-related volunteering; extensive volunteering in two undergraduate organizations.
  11. Got my acceptance to UVic MPH (social policy stream) at around 430pm MST!
  12. I mean, pending your official notificatipn that sounds really encouraging! What stream did you apply to at Ualberta? (Im assuming you applied to the MSc)
  13. Hey @joelcollard6, thanks for the heads up! Which stream did you apply to? I am waiting to hear back from UAlberta's MSc (Health Policy Research stream).
  14. I applied to SFU on Jan 25 @Tahnin
  15. Rejected from SFU MPH (Population Health Sciences Stream). Received results by email at 2:57PM local time (-7 GMT). BA (Hon) in Psychology, 3.55 cGPA, 3.7 GPA (last sixty credits). Not a ton of health experience (.5 years in clinical health research post-graduation). Still waiting to hear back from UVIC (MPH) and UAlberta (MSc), but not holding my breath. There's always next year! Best of luck everyone!
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