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  1. Here is the FB page I've made for Carleton MPPA folks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/234679053778926/
  2. @Irwi Yup! I couldn't find a FB group for us MPPA folks so I made one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/234679053778926/
  3. @Chuupa Here is one of the main housing FB groups for Ottawa students: https://www.facebook.com/groups/524220117678841/ @Delidas I hope you wouldn't mind if a Carleton MPPA student would join in too! I always enjoy a good drink and a talk about policy of some kind! It looks like I will be taking ECON 1000 this summer with some of you NPSIA folks. Is there some way we could make a FB group/chat to stay in touch?
  4. @Nunuc One of the reasons I applied to just Carleton was because I heard they were generous with funding. I can confirm this from my own experience. They sent me an acceptance letter along with the funding package (scholarships + offer of a TA position). I didn't apply to U of T partly because of the cost of the program. I learned from these forums though that there's something called UTAPS which makes the program more affordable than one would initially think.
  5. @yegMPH Congrats! I also just got accepted to Carleton! Are you still waiting to hear back from other schools? @DCrSS Congrats as well! That makes sense, Carleton was my de facto first choice as I didn't apply to any other schools. I'm based in Ottawa so I'd like to be near my loved ones for my master's degree.
  6. @DCrSS The same for me as of yesterday, we'll see what happens! Is Carleton your first choice? @guwajes Thanks for posting this again! I've read it over before and it was very helpful. I love Halifax but Dalhousie's program seems more focused on management and I'm more interested in the change-making process.
  7. @Oliveira28 I understand! I don't know much as much about the policy schools in BC since I'm based in central Canada. You could always look up past threads on this forum or on reddit if you wanted to find out more about these three schools. If you have LinkedIn, you could also use the Alumni Tool to see where graduates from each school have ended up: https://university.linkedin.com/content/dam/university/global/en_US/site/pdf/alumni-tool-final.pdf I prefer Carleton because the faculty research is focused on social policy, which I'm hoping on going into. Dalhousie is more of a managem
  8. @Sagnik_G I did my bachelor's degree at Queen's in History. I loved some aspects of Queen's and had issues with some other aspects. Queen's is a fun and vibrant school with a great sense of community. The Scottish traditions give the school a unique vibe. Queen's also has an abundance of resources and opportunities. However, there is a lack of diversity at Queen's compared to other Canadian universities. Part of this is because Kingston is not a big city like Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto. The other part of it is that Queen's has a stereotype for attracting rich, white people, which
  9. Thank you, same for you! I thought of applying to UVic though I'd prefer to stay in central Canada. Which school is your top pick?
  10. @Delidas Exactly! I'm more interested in domestic policy. Canada does some great work abroad though we have some issues here that I'd like to work on i.e. sustainability and indigenous issues. What got you interested in IR? It's funny you ask that, I did a Career Cruising quiz last night and it told me that my best match would be Foreign Service Officer (#2 was Public Policy Analyst). So who knows, maybe I'll still end up in IR. It's not like a master's in public policy could preclude me from going down that route. Any reason why you applied for the MPA at Queen's but not at Carleto
  11. Hey everyone, I hope you don't mind if I post here, I've applied to the Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) program at Carleton! Normally, there's a significant MPA/MPP presence on this forum though I haven't heard from anyone else yet. Has anyone here also applied to the MPPA program? I hope that the offers of admission will be earlier this year for the MPPA program too! I am currently taking both economics courses online. I'm a bit behind though hopefully I should be able to catch up. Getting a B+ in both micro and macro is also a requirement for the MPPA program
  12. Hey everyone, Who else has applied/is applying to public policy programs in Canada for this fall? So far, I've applied to just the MPPA program at Carleton since I'm based in Ottawa. If I don't get in, I can always work for a year and then apply again. I also have the public policy programs at Dalhousie and maybe UOttawa as backup options. I considered applying to Queen's though I've decided against it for now. That's where I went for my undergrad and I'd like to go somewhere new.
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