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  1. Hi!! Did you apply for visa??

  2. Just curious, which department was this? This seems to be a recurring theme for Carleton, I guess due to the strike, unfortunately
  3. I got an acceptance from the U.of A in early March. I think their timings differ from dept. to dept. though, so you could try contacting your department.
  4. Sorry for your rejection at Carleton, but I'm super glad you got in where you wanted to! My status stills shows 'Reccomended for Assessment' and I've emailed the grad advisor without a response yesterday, so I guess I'll have to wait till next week for a response. But anyway, I'm glad you got accepted!
  5. Hey. Still no word from Carleton. However, I did see on Twitter that they've FINALLY reached a 'tentative' settlement in the strike. There should be an announcement of the staff returning to work on Tuesday. So, hopefully from later this week or next week on we begin hearing back.
  6. Thank you. I emailed one of the academic staff in place of the program administrator, still no reply. I might try facebook as well then, thanks for the pro tip!
  7. Congratulations on your acceptance. I suppose you haven't heard a peep from Carleton at all? I saw on Twitter the most recent round of negotiations on the 28th and 29th have also failed. And the strike continues. No idea when I might hear back on my application at all...
  8. I applied to MA Political Science. Last Sunday I got an email from the Grad. Chair saying she hoped I would be accepting their offer, but I hadn't received an official University offer yet. I spoke to the Grad. Coordinator and she said the dept. reccomendations were out but the central office of the University was a little backlogged in sending out the official letters, but they were definitely intending to get everything out by this month. Good luck to you as well!
  9. Anyone else heard back from University of Alberta? Got my acceptance last week. Simon Fraser should be getting back this week, think I got in there, got a vague mail from the Graduate Chair but seemed promising. Concordia rejected me, usual response "too many strong applicants' etc. I'm giving up hope on Carleton almost with no end to this strike business. Anyone else at U. of A or SFU? Intl. Applicant btw.
  10. Anyone have any updates on second round offers? This whole strike thing seems to only be getting worse each day and now major politicians are getting involved. Don't know when a decision (good or bad) will even be made at this point and being left hanging is the worst...
  11. Hey guys. Does anyone have any information about second round offers? Have they begun? Will there even be any? I assume that those who had been sent a first round offer have exhausted the time frame within a reply is mandated, right?
  12. Sorry to hear about the rejection. I applied to Political Science Masters. Status still says " Under review" as it has for a month or so now. Edit: Irony is that I get an ad for McGill even as I write this.
  13. Hey guys! Any idea when McGill or Concordia gets back to international students?
  14. Hey, I was meaning to ask, wondering if you have any insight on this. I was just following some other programs and there was one person who's applied to Carleton's MA for Journalism program who's been informed by that dept. that international students would only be sent offers depending on how many domestic students they have. Now that program is small (only 20 students overall), but as I understand, NPSIA is a much larger program. Would you have any insight into how many international students there are, and if you know anything based on your application experience last year if it's true that
  15. I'm guessing they will see how many of the domestic students they have sent out offers to accept the offers and then decide on looking at how many international students they are looking to admit. It really sucks that they have such a limited opportunity for international students, really limits how holistic a course is, but then again it seems like a pretty small program so it's not unusual as well because it's common practice to first look at domestic students. Don't give up hope, it's not a rejection. You're still in the game.
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