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  1. @alexma63 @Chuupa and anyone else who's had interest in Uppsala if you were provided full funding with room and board, would you close Uppsala over NPSIA? Admittedly I don't have much knowledge on this school, but a former professor has reached out with a *potential* fully funded opportunity to attend their Masters in Peace and Conflict studies. My concern is that I already have a masters degree and my intent on applying to npsia was based entirely on post program job opportunities. I felt like I needed a foot in the door into the Ottawa scene as I'm from the west coast and have never lived in Ontario. Ottawa is where a lot of the work I want to do happens, and NPSIA I felt was the best way to get in to that scene. But now that I'm reading up on Uppsala it sounds very renowned, and I wonder if I would be silly to not follow up on this offer. My fear however is that this doesn't advance me any further career wise, as when I finish I'll still have very little connection to Ottawa, and returning back to western Canada is not an option. any insight of what others would do or what your plans would be if you attended Uppsala would be really helpful!
  2. Congrats on getting in! I too have some draw to GPSIA, which is why ill be trying to take some courses there. I mean overall, I want my degree from NPSIA so I only applied there, but I really like some of the public affairs courses that GPSIA offers so I hope to take three of them (which is the max allowed by NPSIA). Maybe doing something like this will give you the best of both worlds that you are looking for? I officially accepted my NPSIA offer and all my awards. I was emailed by carleton central to fill out my TA preferences. Does anyone know what to be selecting for that? As in can we only TA in courses that we've completed? Or courses that were in your undergraduate degree? For example, can I only TA to social work classes, even though I've completed/have much work history in some of the sociology ones? I guess its too early, but the email states the faster you fill it out the better. (I was thinking too how there is no undergraduate program through NPSIA so I guess we just choose what we think we should teach based on experience?)
  3. Alumni- Can you also speak to working while in the program that is not as a TA or coop? Student loans aren't an option for me and i recieved only 27k in funding. If tuition is 20k, then ill need to work. Just wondering if you think this is manageable or maybe how you personally manoeuvred it?
  4. Can alumni/people with insight shine some light on the type of co-op placements one can get? Specifically outside of fed government (if there even are any)? Just speaking for myself, I'm much more attracted to NGO work and aid work and career wise I would like more of a job where I actually get to visit the field. As such i'm drawn to orgos like CARE, Plan, Red Cross etc. (Also not opposed to places like GAC, I just hear they are slower, more paperwork etc). Also, I know this is a bit ahead of myself but I'm just wondering if full-time job prospects post NPSIA really increase. One of the biggest reasons I'm going back to school is because I'm tired of casual contract work. Im just nervous I may not end up any better off after taking two years to go to school. So just want to make sure investing in NPSIA is actually has the career rewards that I hear many people talk about. I know these are two loaded questions so any insight is helpful. Also- I just emailed Tabbatha regarding tuition and I will post here once I get an answer.
  5. Speaking of being awful at numbers, I'm from the west where one course is 3 credits, not 0.5, I'm trying to do the tuition calculator to understand how much tuition is for the two years (I'm actually shocked this didnt come in the formal letter) Does anyone have the figures on this? I think i had it as 4 courses a semester, times four semesters, equalling 16,000 but i really dont know if thats right.
  6. I feel you! I know for me as a social worker, economics does not and will not come easy. I still have to do the econ requirements as well. Here are my two cents 1.) IM TOLD (and the 2017 NPSIA grad cafe forum also confirms) that the NPSIA online economics course is graded on a curve... just on that notion itself, ya girl is out! 2.) Im also told through two friends who did them, that the Athabasca University courses are way easier to complete. The grading break down is clean, you're not graded against anyone, and its self paced. This is what I will be doing, and I spoke with the faculty who stated these two courses (ECON 247 and ECON 248) are totally acceptable 3.) My official letter states we have until October 15th 2018 to submit our B- or higher grades in those courses. I was under the impression we needed it before we could start the program. This really took a lot of pressure off of me. and my only two cents in regards to NPSIA and GPSIA is that NPSIA's reputation exceeds that of GPSIAs. Do I believe the actual education is better? No. But (and this is literally just what I'm told from working in development and having a foot in the scene in ottawa) is that NPSIA grads have the NPSIA advantage when competing against GPSIA. That being said, I know some dope GPSIA grads doing dope things, so I wouldn't be all too worried about it if you decided thats where you needed to be!
  7. What you need to do: Login to carleton central > Under student records, hit graduate admissions > hit view application details next to you application > next to "statement of standing" hit "View/Accept/Decline Offer of Admission" and then scroll down to funding. That is all your funding. If you don't see anything for the 2019/20 year, then its not a part of your package. Check every Award name. As in I only have a row for 2019/20 under teaching assistantships, I do not have that same row under any of the scholarships. What I originally did was this: Login to carleton central > under "Awards and Financial Assistance" I hit "Student Award Information" > scrolled down and saw only funding for 2018/2019 Hope that helps!!
  8. Not sure how they determine funding, but mine is broken up into a TAship, a Departmental Scholarship, and a domestic entrance masters scholarship.
  9. Y'all. I made a HUGEEEE mistake. Posting here so no one does the same, but actually assuming that it was probably just me *face palm* To check my funding, I went into "Awards and Financial Assistance" on the first page you see when you open Carleton central. I hit "student award information". There it displays your funding...but for the CURRENT YEAR ONLY. To which it said 15K. So I went back into the portal today to see how I can accept/decline my offer, and thats where I went through student records, view application, etc, and I could see my physical letter and conditions of letter etc. I then saw all of the funding for BOTH years. So yes, I'm accepted. With 27k! Not 15. Make sure you are looking in the right spot everyone lol
  10. Sure! I have a BSW and a MSW. Undergraduate CGPA was 2.7 but GPA on last two years of BSW was a 4.0. MSW GPA was 4.0. Did my graduate thesis funded by the united nations, published two articles based of findings related to gender violence in East Africa. Worked in high crisis response roles mostly relating to gender. Did undergraduate practicum in the caribbean, worked in Kenya (8 month contract) and India (8 month contract) following MSW. Was a TA in my MSW as well. I also speak spanish. I would have had above average LORs.
  11. Received my official offer as well. 15k. not sure what I think about that. Good luck to everyone else!
  12. also checked Carleton central... my status is now "Review in progress by Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs" and my specialisation says IOGP
  13. Received an offer last week. My last name starts with P, selected the IOGP specialisation, applied September 8th of 2017.
  14. also should mention that the email from that professor stated "you will receive your full funding offer and details from our Associate Director, Professor Jean Daudelin". So it sounds like its coming in an email and not in our portal like last years applicants.
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