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  1. Good news for NPSIA folk. This is, as of, 2019 https://www.opencanada.org/features/state-international-relations-studies-canada/
  2. Could anyone speak to my earlier post? I feel like this is a very important question, of which, I have not seen dissected on this forum
  3. Hey everyone, I had a question for you all regarding NPSIA. How would it compare to an MPP program? Not a specific program, but rather a Master of Arts versus a Master of Public Policy? NPSIA is supposed to be the foremost program for those looking to work in policy, which would typically be the job of someone graduating with an MPP? Can someone please explain to me why people would want to go to NPSIA instead of doing something like Carleton's MPPA? Please do ask for elaboration if the question isn't clear. Thank you!
  4. Hello! I am trying to decide which MPP program to attend in Canada and was wondering if I could receive some insight to those also interested in applying and those already accepted. I was wondering what the best schools were in Canada for a Master's of Public Policy and what they specialize in. I find gathering this information not easily. If you can provide any other useful information it is greatly appreciated as I am new to this. Warm regards.
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