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  1. If anyone accepted GSPIA or is considering accepting their offer....feel free to message me. I just finished up my first year in the program.
  2. I have no doubt it's a good program, but I don't see the point in paying 50k. If you are interested in international affairs Ottawa is definitely the place to be due to the endless events and opportunities here - government and non government included.
  3. In all honesty Munk was my first choice but looking back I realize that I made the right choice going to GSPIA instead. Not only were the fees extremely high going to Munk, I couldn't really find solid information on the job prospects upon graduating, and whether alumni from the Munk program managed to get solid jobs out of it. But it was mostly the cost of the program, and I didn't want to go 50,000+ in debt for a 2 years masters program. With GSPIA, there's more international opportunities for a cheaper cost. We get matched with a senior fellow at the beginning of the year which is usually someone that works in diplomacy or international affairs. Several of the senior fellows have been correspondents in DC or worked on missions with the UN. Although we're matched with a senior fellow, we can always talk to the other fellows if their career interests you and you have questions about different opportunities, career advice etc. My program has an embassy internship program where students can intern at an embassy abroad in the summer, fall, or winter months. Some of these positions include working the Permanent Mission if Canada to the UN in New York or working with NATO in Brussels, as well as other embassies in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. We also have a coop program. The majority of people end up getting coops with the federal government but there are some people that get coops with international organizations. NPSIA is a reputable program but it didn't really intrigue me as much as GSPIA or Munk. I do find the fact that you can specialize in different areas interesting though. I would say based on my research I found that most people that graduated from NPSIA or GSPIA got jobs in international affairs/policy, while I couldn't really find that information for Munk although I'm sure the program is excellent. I guess my greatest advice to those applying this application season is to focus less on the title and prestige of the school - although that can be important too, and more on what you desire to get out of the program itself and the experiences and opportunities that would be awarded to you. Most employers focus on the skills and experience you have rather than just simply the name of the school you went to. If anyone else wants to know about applying to these programs and my experience so far, feel free to reply or PM me!
  4. Hey guys, I'm currently a grad student in the GSPIA program at u Ottawa. I applied to NPSIA (accepted) and Munk (waitlisted) last year and can provide application advice or insights into grad school if you like. You can PM me
  5. I think course selection was around 2 weeks ago. I wouldn't worry because I believe we have until August to choose them anyway
  6. We got an email In mid June about selecting courses and setting up your UOttawa email. Check your junk folder .
  7. Yeah, I would say that's a strong sign you got in! Nothing on my acorn dashboard ... uh oh 😕
  8. Aside from NPSIA I also got into GSPIA, but I'm leaning towards GSPIA more. Now waiting on Munk and SIDGS...
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