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  1. Yes! Fellow Calgarian here. I'll be staying here for the Fall unfortunately. You? Happy to move this to DMs if you'd like!
  2. I'm in DFP too, and should also be taking 5100 in the fall. Winter: 5009 - International Aspects of Economic Development 5403 - Diplomacy and Foreign Policy 5429 - Selected Topics in DFP (too bad they haven't announced the exact topic for this one!) It seems like we might cross paths! Classes were filled really quickly and I had a 10:30 time ticket. Hoping some courses will open up again but not sure...
  3. That's really cool! I have some background in Mandarin and French, so debating between the two.
  4. Wondering what language everyone is looking to take to fulfil the second language requirement?
  5. Received a conditional offer from NPSIA today! Was a bit of a wait, but there is light in the end of the "Review in Progress" tunnel.
  6. Hey there! Long time lurker here. I'm pretty much in the same boat - accepted into GSPIA, with "recommended for assessment" for my NPSIA application. I emailed them a while back when workplaces started adapting to teleworking, got a reply saying most first round offers have already gone out, but with COVID they have hit a small roadblock. They also said they're going to keep sending out offers on a rolling basis till the end of August. Not sure if things have changed since then though.
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