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  1. Not too sure if it will help - but a couple of prof. overlap between Queen's MPA and MBA - thus, there is a bit better chance of networking from a pvt. sector perspective. Waterloo is a great prog. as well, but it is very much designed for public sector. Queen's is too, but given that Queen's MBA and BCom are farily well regarded in the pvt. sector, the chance to network in pvt. sector might be a tad bit better. One thing to consider, though, is that Waterloo's co-op seems stronger compared to that of Queen's but it is mostly PS. I attended Waterloo's welcome session and could feel the "s
  2. Hi Yellbell, I rejected Queen's and Waterloo fairly early on. They were kind of my back-up school. I also recently declined MPPA. However, if I were to choose between MPA and MPPA, I would have gone to MPPA. My reasons being: Ottawa - A city both me and my partner love! I am a Queen's alumnus and even my references from the school suggested picking up schools in Ottawa, given it is the center for feds and all things policy. Co-op - While Queen's technically has a co-op program, the one at MPPA is a lot more formalized and one of their biggest strength. It is the biggest attraction
  3. This is very similar to the process I went through as well and indeed, you have summed it up very well! One thing I wanted to add for OP and highlight the value NPSIA places on grades, was a coversation I had with a very senior member of the administration. During the conversation I was told that, ".. your CGPA is an A-, which would put you in a good position to gain admission. While it also depends on the pool of applicants but your chances of getting in are good." I hope it help, OP. It may also be worthwhile to reach out to the admin team around June/July as I guess they would have a bit
  4. Hello h4ngp, Just thought to share my perspective. I believe the GPA does play a good role and a few folks suggested that taking more qualifying courses and getting solid grades in them is a good option. I don't feel that BCom is the issue. Similarly, my statement of intent kind of focussed both on my career aspirations and research interest. That being said, from what I have been able to deduce is that not of lot of folks go for MRP/Thesis option in NPSIA, thus, focussing on research in SOP is not a sure shot way to make it competitive. I guess being very clear in the end objective
  5. It is a good news! .. just a matter of time now!
  6. Ah! Sounds good and happy to help. I did Eco literally once upon a time and was asked to re-take Econ 1002 .. happy to connect when the course starts.
  7. Folks, for thoes planning to go to NPSIA and have to take ECON courses, Carleton has opened summer registration for ECON 1001 and ECON 1002. The courses via Carleton are less costly than what is available via Athabasca. Thought to share.
  8. Folks, for thoes planning to go to MPPA and have to take ECON courses, Carleton has opened summer registration for ECON 1001 and ECON 1002. The courses via Carleton are less costly than what is available via Athabasca. Thought to share.
  9. Hi Lake10, From what happened with me, it maybe a bit tough to say the exact timelines. I, for example, went from review in progress to recommended for assessment and then back to review in progress and this happened over three week window. What is certain, however, is that things moved fairly quickly once the stage was review in progress by faculty of grad. affairs. It just took a day or two for the final offer to come when the application was in review in progress by faculty of grad. affairs.
  10. Agree with TSK here. I am also going to decline my MPPA offer - second round offers thus, will certainly be coming out. Wishing the best for everyone.
  11. Do you mean GSPIA's MA program? Apologies if there is a different MPA program at uOttawa. I heard back from GSPIA last week..
  12. Hi folks, as the decisions are now trickling down, I am wondering how and what factors are you leveraging to decide on the final one to accept? NPSIA is something that has been right at the top of my list, but wondering if anyone is/will be declining it for others such as GSPIA and if yes, it will be a great insight to know why. NPSIA of course has a solid reputation and a bit mature course offerings I would say. Reading previous years' posts, I see that some folks decided to go to GSPIA given there more professional/international opportunities but reading from GSPIA's website, it seems f
  13. It is! Congratulation.. my offer came in a couple of hours, once the specialization was updated. Looks like you are good to go!
  14. My application pretty much followed the process listed on their website - for some reason, it even went back a step 😂.. the process it followed was: Review in Progress by Dept. >> Recommended for Assessment >> Review in Progress by Dept. >> Recommended for Assessment >> Review in Progress by Faculty of Grad Affairs >> Offer. The last two steps (in bold) kind of happened with in a span of few hours. My specialization was updated while the status was still review in progress by grad affairs. I hope this helps.
  15. Hey guys, apologies if you already know about this, but munk is actively being discussed on this forum -
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