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  1. Just to expand on this: I wrote the first draft of my Statement of Intent focusing on the prestige of NPSIA and my future career goals (liberal internationalism, "golden age of Canadian foreign policy," you get the picture). I showed it to a few friends - beyond a few grammatical changes, no major revisions needed, in their eyes. I showed it to one of my academic references - a change or two, but no major changes. I felt great about what I wrote and thought I was a shoo-in. Well, I showed my statement to my other reference, who sent me back comments with no fewer than four paragraphs nee
  2. Finally received my NPSIA acceptance today! Got offered my first choice with a generous funding package. My background: BA honours at Carleton in Political Science, minor in History, 10.80 GPA. Two research projects nominated for undergraduate awards, both in Canadian history. A in ECON1000 (back when the course was a full credit and a year long). Just over a year of work experience for the CRA in business analysis. I also volunteer for and attend constituent hours with my MP. References were strong, both from prominent figures at Carleton (one having supervised a numbe
  3. Specialization changed to show my top choice; I don't want to jump the gun before a letter comes, but this would appear to be a good sign!
  4. Not that I applied to Munk (NPSIA only), but these night-time acceptances have officially validated my obsession with checking Carleton Central every hour.
  5. We're moving! Application has progressed from "Recommended for Assessment" to "Review in progress by department". Good luck to all; looks like the wheels are in motion this week!
  6. I was moved to "Recommended for Assessment" a few weeks ago - nothing since. Still check every few hours, though. Just in case.
  7. I'm so sorry, friend. That is awful to hear. I worry this message may mean there were so many applicants that there will only be one round of acceptances; no second wave, as has been the case in years past.
  8. Longtime lurker/incessant worrier here: my NPSIA application status finally changed today to "Recommended for Assessment". I submitted mine on January 19 FWIW.
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