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  1. I received an email this morning titled "Welcome to NPSIA and Q&A Invitation." It's just informing us of "planning two Q&A sessions to address questions regarding Next Steps, Registration, and the Fall term." You've probably received it as well
  2. Registered for them this morning. Might be a good idea if some of us form a study group over the summer? Could be useful, plus I don't have much of a background in Econ
  3. Officially accepted my npsia (dfp) offer! just have to complete the econ requirement and then i'm on my way. if any other incoming npsia students or applicants wants to chat, shoot me a message! in the meantime, good luck to all those who are still waiting:) there's still hope!
  4. That is helpful, thank you! I'm not living in Ottawa right now so I'll probably be taking the course at an institution local to me, unless Carleton is offering econ 1001/1002 online this summer.
  5. also, a couple questions: --does anyone have any info on the econ prerequisite for NPSIA (i.e. what level / what institutions we can take it at / what grade we need, etc.)? --Is there any way to find some past/current NPSIA INAF syllabi?
  6. personally, I'm coming straight out of my bachelor's in early 20's. not sure what the average age is though for everyone else
  7. Hi everyone, I received an unofficial acceptance to NPSIA last Monday (March 1st), in the email it said "In the next week, you will receive an official offer of admission via Carleton Central." It's been 10 days and nothing has been updated on CC. Is anyone else in the same boat? Also, is anyone considering the EURUS program at Carleton? Or the CERES program at Munk? Both made very generous offers and seem to be pretty good academically.
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