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  1. Hey all, I'm a current graduate student at Carleton University reading for an MA in international affairs (NPSIA). I'm enjoying the content of my studies immensely, but have more or less lost interest in leveraging my degree to work for the public service upon graduation. As NPSIA has a strong focus on placing students within the government, I realize that more schooling will likely be necessary to find employment elsewhere. I've been playing with the idea of pursuing a career in conflict/political journalism for some time now, and have heard good things about the Munk School's Fel
  2. @sunshine18 You can find them in this pdf. I'm hoping that other international opportunities are available in the form of internships, or co-ops. https://carleton.ca/isso/wp-content/uploads/PDF-Exchange-Partners-FEB-23.pdf
  3. Just thought I'd add a personal anecdote. I'm pretty close to a professor who used to work at GAC, and she still maintains connections there. She told me that due to hiring practices, grads from NPSIA/GSPIA are much more likely to get jobs than are students who attend prestigious schools overseas. It may be a bit different should you plan to work in the non-profit sector, or private sector, but I still figure it's something worth considering. Personally, it played a big part as to why I chose NPSIA over a well-funded offer to study in Switzerland. You just can't beat the co-op component.
  4. @Chuupa I can't see IR circles being very fractured, ahaha. I'm sure we'll be attending the same events regardless of our schools. I'm curious about housing too. I'll need to figure out how many days a week I can anticipate being on campus, and then go from there. Old Ottawa South, the Glebe, and Little Italy all seem reasonably priced without qualifying as sketchy areas.
  5. Well, after deep rumination and careful consideration, I've decided to accept my offer to NPSIA. At long last, I've emerged on the other side of the postgraduate application process! It was a really tough choice (I'm still not 100% sure of how I feel about it), but toward the end I really found myself weighing Carleton's program against IHEID's city. Obviously, I had to go with the program that I felt was a better fit - that and the one most likely to net me a job (I hear those are nice). So, NPSIA it is. I haven't been keeping up with this thread in the past little while, so congra
  6. So I heard back from IHEID this morning. Received a tuition reduction of close to 90%, and a stipend of 10,000CHF per year to live off of. I can't tell if what I feel is excitement, or anxiety at the prospect of having to make a really tough choice. I'm gonna have to break out the calculator and work out if it's a better deal than what NPSIA is offering me. My money would go farther in Ottawa than it would in Geneva, that's for sure. Anyways, I'll keep you guys posted. After all, we may be future-classmates in the fall, depending on what I opt to do. Also, congratulations
  7. @Tyxce From what I hear, Balsillie offers a great education. It's a very well-funded program. That being said, as to whether or not it beats out NPSIA (in your case) depends on your vocational goals. If you aim to work for the feds after graduating, I don't think NPSIA can be beaten; the location alone would suggest that. If you're more interested in NGO work, I don't think it matters AS much where you go to school, just that you develop tangible skills and a network. Personally, I'd go with whatever lessened my debt burden the most drastically. But maybe I'm just cheap
  8. I applied to the MGG, and it's one of two programs that I still haven't heard back from. I'm hoping that they start sending acceptances out soon, because my (already extended) deadlines are fast approaching for other schools.
  9. https://central.carleton.ca/prod/pkg_online_fee_assess.p_main Using this calculator, it looks like we'll be paying closer to 11K per year. I, too, find it strange that this information wasn't included in our admission offers.
  10. @sandradee Congrats on the funding! 27K is nothing to turn your nose up at, after all. And my funding is basically broken down in the same way as yours, but it also includes a research assistantship. After doing some math, the pay per hour rate is actually pretty lucrative (for a student). The more I think about it, the more NPSIA is starting to edge out IHEID as my first choice. If I qualify for the tuition waiver + stipend in Geneva, I'm going to have to make a tough decision...
  11. @Corenn There's numerous departmental scholarships, a teaching assistantship, a research assistantship, and a research scholarship. I'm not sure by what parameter funding is exactly determined. I'm guessing it's holistic, and in the case of research, probably tied to your interests as outlined in your SOI.
  12. Sure. Double Major in Honours Criminology and Honours Human Rights & Human Diversity. CGPA of 11.50/12.00, got >90% in both micro and macroeconomics (which I'm sure helped me out a fair bit). I've got one publication in a relevant discipline. As far as ECs go, I'm co-chair of my university's WUSC branch, and - without giving up my partisanship - president of a federal political party's youth club. I'm also the youngest table officer on that same party's electoral district association. Aside from that, I did some research in Mexico over the summer, and coming out of that help
  13. Just got my official offer from NPSIA. If you received an unofficial Email last week, I'd check Carleton Central. The funding is broken up into a few different categories, but mine totals out to about 29K for the two years. Not too shabby. Now to wait on Geneva...
  14. Sort of a broadband reply to a lot of people, but getting extensions has been pretty easy for me. I applied to six different programs - because I guess I have too much time on my hands - and still haven't heard back from two of them. I've sent Emails to the respective admissions offices of the three schools that have formally accepted me, detailing my situation in a straightforward way, and they've all been happy to acquiesce to an extension. Queen's extended the deadline by twenty days for me, and while it may be anecdotal, I think that if a school likes you enough to admit you, they'll
  15. Checked Carleton Central this afternoon, and my specialization is now specified as being Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution.
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