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  1. Hello! For those who will be joining the MGA program at Munk this fall, feel free to join the fb group! here>>>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/318837169006609/
  2. anyone going to Munk wants to start the facebook group for Class of 2021 with me? I need at least one person to start the group and be the admin too. Please let me know. 😄
  3. Just got an email (finally!) from Kevin saying, "Thanks for getting in touch. No emails have gone out as of yet. You can expect to hear from us throughout the summer." Last year was early but I guess this year, we'll hear from them starting June. Anyways, no worries now. Congrats on being accepted at Munk!
  4. @Kaspara How was your experience at Munk? I will be starting there this fall and would like to know how everything related, from classes to networking opportunities and so on. Thanks!
  5. Hi @lily22 have you been getting any emails from MGA? Last year, we got Welcome emails on April (I was accepted last year and then later deferred). This year, not yet and May is almost over. The new coordinator also doesn't seem to reply to any of my emails. I called them too but no answer.
  6. Hello all, To those who have been accepted to the MGA program at Munk, have you been getting any more emails from them? I have been sending emails to Kevin and havent been getting any emails since May 14. Last year, when I accepted the offer, Megan sent "Welcome" email in April (I later deferred) and this year, I haven't gotten it and May is going to be over soon. Is this true to those who have accepted their offer as well? International student here. Please let me know!
  7. hello @Fabri89 Congratulations! I will also be attending Munk this fall. I am an international student as well, from the US. Where are you coming from?
  8. @lily22 thanks so much! Yes, I just accepted the offer. I received the email yesterday so I’m confident more people are being admitted off the waitlist. Good luck and I hope you hear good news from them soon!
  9. If I was near Ottawa I would have gone to the open house as well. Glad to know that you loved it! Now I am getting excited as well. Yes, I have decided on GSPIA since I got waitlisted from Munk and haven't heard back from two programs at Waterloo..
  10. @Lights Hi, did you already receive your acceptance offer from MGG? I checked mine on quest and it still says that department has not made any decision yet.
  11. Got waitlisted too! I am going to GSPIA if I don’t hear back by May. So disappointing..
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