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  1. Just declined my Munk MPP offer, I genuinely hope it will help someone in here for the next wave of invites !
  2. Just received my admission offer at Munk Mpp ! Gonna take a little time to make my final decision
  3. Honestly, I have no clue about that ! I would guess that domestic applicants have a greater chance all things considered, but it's all speculation 😛 They're supposed to review applications equally. I have transcended beyond anxiety and just waiting for my fate 😂
  4. I am ! Still on Preliminary Review Required 😅
  5. Received an e-mail from NPSIA confirming what Hedonism just posted. It's entitled "False information online".
  6. Everything was sent the 26th of January !
  7. I am still on "Preliminary Review Required" on both platforms, which is kinda demoralizing but normal I guess !
  8. Hello, Thank you so much for those additional insights - Makes me even more impatient to know the results !
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