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  1. For anyone taking the econ course with Carleton during the summer, how much are you guys paying for it? According to carleton central it will 1,648.86; however that seems a little high for just 1 course...
  2. What's everyone doing about the housing situation? It would be great to live with other NPSIA students
  3. I was thinking of Carleton too. I've read mixed things about the Carleton course though. Apparently its really difficult and it's harder than the Athabasca course.
  4. I just contacted NPSIA and I got more information on the research scholarship. This is exactly what they said: "In your case, this is in fact a straight scholarship, not a research position. We only had a small number of the latter and could not offer them from the outset as part of all funding packages. My apologies for the slight confusion. As a result of the strike of our administrative colleagues, some information was not properly included in the offers." This is just extra info for anyone that also got the research scholarship
  5. What field did you get into and why are you no longer interested in it if you don't mind me asking? Based on my research the research scholarship is different than a position (I think). I still have no idea what that means, so I'll email NPSIA admin shortly.
  6. Congrats on the law school acceptance! That's a big accomplishment itself!
  7. My funding also includes a 'research scholarship'. What exactly does this mean? Is it a research position??
  8. I am going to keep my name on the list just in case I change my mind. However, I think this may be a sign that Ottawa is calling my name ?. Congrats to everyone that got in and the very best of luck to those still waiting on a response! ☺
  9. I have been waitlisted too. At this point I think I am going to go to NPSIA. Best of luck everyone!! ☺
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