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  1. I emailed Tabbatha to inquire about my rejection, the grad committee noted that I was missing 10 credits of IR related courses. I have a degree in history and my uni counted history outside of Canada as an IR credit. She also mentioned that completing introductory Econ with a B- final grade increases likelihood of admission. So even if the course syllabus sets up the course to cover imperialism and other topics related to IR, note that your transcript will only say the course name and the admission committee will go from there.
  2. Second round of offers are on a rolling basis, if there is space available, and if your application exceeds those on the waitlist. It’s possible to get in second round of offers, but realistically, it’s probably unlikely. So by space, I mean if they had less acceptance of admissions that year and they are below their student quota for the year which did happened for fall 2017.
  3. Very odd, usually they send rejection letters as early as acceptance letters? Maybe they’re over capacity this year. Who knows, which they were more efficient... oh well, now I can move on. Better luck next year (or the following year).
  4. Got my rejection letter from NPSIA today, glad I can move on. Better luck next year 🙃
  5. I’ve emailed Tabbatha about this, and if she can provide me with some understanding on the waitlist. Specifically, if there’s a chance they’ll be moving through it based on the number of offers being accepted and rescinded. No. Response. I’ll email her again tomorrow I’ve had friends who have been waitlisted (not at NPSIA) and they’ve said that rejection letters for those waitlisted is sent when school is in session. I know someone who got her acceptance letter to law school on the last day of August.
  6. Ditto, only applied to SIDG (rejected) and NPSIA so I'm in a tight spot. I'm not even anxious about getting accepted anymore (I could use the savings, and I also plan to travel), but the courtesy of updating me on my status... because I would like to know when I can strategically quit my job
  7. They’ll send you a letter if you if you got an email informing you if you got rejected. First round of offers already went out (those who received formal acceptance letters in March) so they’ll probably roll out second round of acceptance letters depending on how many people decline their offers.
  8. I should preface I’m a domestic student. I logged into my Central account and saw the change. It can take up to 2 weeks for designations to change, and some people said on this thread saw this change last week of March. Im just annoyed because I have to gamble whether or not I should take Econ courses. But regardless of my prospect this year, if I don’t get accepted I’ll still apply next year so I guess get that Econ out of the way 🤷🏽‍♀️
  9. NPSIA changed my status to “recommended for assessment”. Second rounds of offers will trickle in from now until august depending on availability. Good luck everyone ☺️ And remember there’s life outside academia!
  10. Also waiting, I believe they're focused on the MA-JD acceptances the past two weeks. Hopefully, we get an answer by the end of April on our status at the very least. Otherwise, godspeed to all those still waiting! NPSIA has been notorious for neglecting to message waitlisted students on the status of their application.
  11. Oh! Great news!! I suppose they’re being more careful with not going over capacity.
  12. First, really nothing to be worried about. Yes, please ask the schools you’ve been accepted to to extend your deadline. They’re are accommodating about this. There was another post on here that said that they had asked Balsillie to extend their admission deadline, Balsillie said yes and even gave that person more funding because the school wanted them. Second, say you accept a school’s offer and MUNK accepts you. You tell school A you rescind their offer, then worst scenario is you lose your deposit. Third, admission committee gets hundreds of admission documents they have to sif
  13. I don’t think it matters for school, because admins will get to keep the deposit. It does, however, matter for jobs, especially in law. But for school, it doesn’t matter. I think it’s good because it keeps the waitlist moving
  14. My LOI was written with NPSIA in mind, definitely weak on the research component. Not a big deal though! My heart wasn’t in that school. PM me and I’ll send you my stats!
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