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  1. The course outlines are up for the course! here is the outline for the online section https://carleton.ca/economics/wp-content/uploads/econ-1000v-joseph-s18.pdf from what it says in the outline- it looks like a online textbook (7th ed) can be purchased for 80$ per term or a hard copy for 130$ per term. haven books in ottawa sells each new for 101$ with the online access code.
  2. you actually were charged less than me.... I was charged 1,728.86. I signed up for the VOD section though..... also, check to see if you were charged 202$ for the summer bus pass - you can opt out of if you're an online student (if you don't want it).
  3. i chose Npsia! haven't accepted yet, but the deadline for the MPPA has passed and i couldn't get any response when i emailed/called asking for an extension- I'm sure its because of the strike. I think it was a blessing though because it made me make a decision rather than thinking about if for another 2/3 weeks.... i'm pretty sure i'll do the same, just because the in class is from 4:30-5:30 then 6-9 and i don't do well with night classes... i think ill find the econ hard enough as it is...
  4. those who are taking econ at carleton this summer, are you planing on doing the online course or the in-class? I live in ottawa so would be able to do either, does anyone have any suggestions? one is with Prof. Brian Glabb and the other is with Prof. Troy Joseph if anyone had taken with either of these profs
  5. I received my official offer on march 13th (the letter is dated) and I have 21 days to refuse or accept the offer. I had received an unofficial offer back at the end of february (so i think that was part of the first round? - idk). So the time I have to decide is from when I received my official offer. so I'm thinking they will just start processing second round offers I don't know anything about second round offers- sorry
  6. no I don't mind I was accepted into Project Management and Humanitarian Assistance (was my second choice), but have been thinking about it a lot and although I find it interesting, it is not something I want to pursue as a career. I've just decided i'm much more interested in policy and i don't want my diploma to be in a specialization i've completely ruled out, but am worried if I will be at a disadvantage when picking courses/ future job prospects..
  7. congrats! i also received this and am wondering what it is/entails I have also decided I am no longer interested in the field I chose. Does anyone know if there is a possibility to change this? If I choose not to do the field (not fulfill the requirements) am i at a disadvantage in any way?
  8. just joining in now (I've been lurking for a few days) I received an unofficial offer last week to npsia, my first choice is IOGP. my specialization hasn't been updated on carleton central. npsia is my first choice, but a few days ago I got into the MPPA at Carleton with almost full funding for the 2 years, and now am torn... I have till the 19th to accept, do you guys think we'll receive our official offers before then? I'm still thinking npsia regardless, i think? is there anyone here in the mppa program at carleton that could shed some light on their experience? or anyone that knows about the program? also, congrats on everyones various acceptances and I'm crossing my fingers for those who have yet to hear!

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