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  1. Feeling super crushed today...I have not heard back from Munk yet, nor have I been invited to the program on Acorn. Super super devastated.
  2. This is so exciting/ nerve-racking!! Congrats to everyone that got in yesterday! Going to Munk is my dream, so I'm hoping to receive some good news this week
  3. My gut is telling me that we'll hear back from Munk on either the 15th or 16th this month...
  4. Someone in the results section of this website posted that they were accepted to the combined MGA and Public Policy degree on Feb 13th!
  5. Under the FAQ section it is saying that offers will come out mid-late March. This isn't surprising as in 2016 offers came out on March 1st, and then in 2017 they came out March 15/16th. This wait is so hard...
  6. Submitted my application today! Now just have to wait until March to hear back...
  7. This thread is for anyone applying to the Munk School of Global Affairs program for Fall 2018.
  8. I didn't hear back from Munk today at all...My application is still under review and my Acorn page doesn't say 'invited' so I'm really worried
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