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  1. UPDATE: I've been on the waitlist for GSPIA for several weeks now. This week, they admitted me! I found out this way: an email alerted me to a change on my uozone account. I logged in on uozone, where my status had been changed to admitted and a PDF of an official offer was available. EEEEEEEE!!!!! i am beyond excited!
  2. Hi no I'm not saying they're full, period. I'm saying they don't have space for me specifically. They didn't decline me outright (even though that's what it is, it is a rejection from NPSIA for me), they didn't put me on a waitlist either. They simply redirected my application to their MBA program with my consent. I don't know if that means there's space for others on the wailtist or not. (My Carleton Central status is still recommended for assessment though)
  3. Funny enough, I didn't get waitlisted at NPSIA. Instead, I got an email offering to forward my application package to their MBA program (when I called them all confused, Tabbatha confirmed that NPSIA didn't have space for me). I said sure, forward my file to an MBA program, but I think it's safe for me to conclude that Carleton is not in my cards right now. Waiting on GSPIA, which has said it will have decisions out mid-May.
  4. Waitlist decisions for GSPIA should be out by mid-May. I haven't been able to get any response from NPSIA so far. Try calling them?
  5. I too am recommended for assessment at NPSIA. I'm guessing our wait for an answer will end over the next five to six weeks
  6. Omg take it easssssy you'll be fine. Don't stress out about not knowing what to do. That's normal. Take your time figuring it out, read about the fields you might be interested in, etc. Life has a way of working out.
  7. Yoooooo we're in the same boat. You are basically me circa 2016 Check out the rolling deadlines for some places. Consider doing a graduate certificate as well. I know someone who did Seneca's govt relations cert and then landed a cool job at a not-for-profit, which they started after doing an internship with a Canadian embassy abroad. Then they left the gig to do a NATO-related internship in Europe. Just an anecdote!
  8. Sounds like a plan! I wish you the best of luck. I'm on the waitlist for GSPIA so you're not alone in the waiting boat (alrthough I am less nervous because of another offer). Also, you might want to email Queen's MPA and see if they're accepting applications...I feel like they are. If that's something you're interested in. And I think Dalhousie MPA deadline is still in a few weeks.
  9. keep yourself on the waitlist. it doesn't hurt to just leave it be. did you apply anywhere else (it's okay if you didn't).
  10. Hi I just checked my Uozone status, GSPIA put me on the waitlist, so if anyone doesn't want to accept their offer, please decline it lol
  11. Update from NPSIA: just got an email saying they're still reviewing files and will be sending out updates to all applicants by end of March (so basically, by the end of next week).
  12. I was going to get in touch with them next Wednesday, because my impression was to expect decisions or some sort of update by the end of March
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