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  1. And you are marked by tutors, not all of which will be good. My tutor was fine, but I've heard lots of complaints from other students about bad tutors.
  2. Yeah, especially since I learnt absolutely nothing from the course. Oh well, at least I got the credit.
  3. Oh no! That's not what I meant, I don't remember how much the exam cost, but the entire course (including writing the exam) cost at least $1000.
  4. I recently finished a course from Athabasca. Everything is online, except for a final invigilated exam. Courses are expensive though - including the final exam, I paid over $1000.
  5. Thanks! This year has been incredibly stressful for me as I am finishing my undergraduate studies. I am open to all sorts of possibilities...main thing is I want to stop relying on my parents and become independent.
  6. Cool! I am so confused as to what to do with my life now.... I am considering all kinds of options. But I guess there's no rush (especially since this year I am finishing a four year BA after only 3 years).
  7. Thank you very much! Congratulations on your offer, at least now you can relax a bit :). I guess I can check those out, I wish I had applied for other programs in this field, but I thought since my undergraduate major is unrelated, I wouldn't have a high chance anyways.
  8. Ok, I will just stay on then. I didn't apply to any other programs for international affairs, but I did apply for other masters programs - like Master of Information at U of T.
  9. Well I think my chances of getting into Munk off the waitlist are pretty slim, maybe I should just opt out now? So that I don't need to think about it anymore and make other plans?
  10. It's annoying how you may not know until August, and if you are accepted late you have to rush to prepare to move.
  11. I applied to the Munk School of Global Affairs. My application had been "under review" for ages, and about a week ago, I got an email saying I was waitlisted. Only today did my application status change to "decision made" - could it be that I was rejected already? I always tend to assume the worst, and even when applying, I was almost certain I wouldn't get in, but I wanted to try my best anyways so that I would have no regrets. I just want to know what the decision is, accepted or rejected. I cannot tolerate uncertainty, haha.
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