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  1. @StrawberryFields67 You are in the MPPA? I accepted an offer for that program as well. Do you know of a Facebook group similar to the NPSIA one posted in this thread?
  2. Not sure how relevant this is. I just got accepted into the MPPA program at Carleton. Still holding out hope for NPSIA as my first choice, but very relieving to know I have an option and will be in Ottawa this September.
  3. If anything I would hope that they have extra time to go through applications when all the students are away.
  4. I had an optimistic thought. This thread is a lot smaller than last year. It is less focused on other similar programs, but maybe it also means there are a lot fewer applicants this year! Maybe there is room for everyone!
  5. This was me last year. Recommended for assessment is good news in the sense that it means the application is moving through the process, but last year my application stayed on recommended for assessment long after my friends had received offers. I don't want to be a downer, but NPSIA is notorious for being slow and having problems with their system. I was waitlisted, but not told I was waitlisted until after several attempts to email and call in May. Also, I did not receive an actual email telling me of my rejection until October 24, well after the semester had started. Kind of a slap in the face at that point. Still, I remain optimistic for this year.
  6. Hi, I applied for NPSIA and the MPPA program at Carleton. I don't know which I would choose if I am offered both. My status updated to recommended for assessment. But I also applied last year and was waitlisted for months before eventually being rejected. You shouldn't email them yet. They're just going through everyone's application for the first time right now.
  7. Thanks, that is great. I was aiming for two pages, but the MPPA program specifically says no longer than one page, so I second guessed myself.
  8. Can anyone help? I cannot seem to find specific requirements for the letter of intent. Other Carleton programs seem to list details like "no more than one page single spaced," but I can't find anything specific for NPSIA. Has anyone figured this out?
  9. Nice to see the topic up. I applied to NPSIA last year, and graduated in May. I was waitlisted and eventually rejected, but I am definitely reapplying this year. Just wanted to share my perspective. To warn everyone, there are sometimes glitches with the Carleton Central system. I was waitlisted but I had to actively seek this out, as I didn't receive any email informing me of such. As it was I received my official rejection letter only a couple of weeks ago, well after the semester had started. One question I have: are applications open already for this year? I see the deadline, but are we able to submit applications this early? I cannot see that listed anywhere. Thanks!
  10. I just called Tabbatha at NPSIA. She told me I was placed on hold a while ago and she was surprised that I had not been emailed (status says recommended for assessment). She also said the program is overfull, and there won't be any more offers sent out at least until August, but in actuality she doesn't anticipate any more offers this year at all. This is extremely disappointing to me. Sorry to bear bad news for those of you checking this forum frequently.
  11. Just curious when you had this conversation? Some of us are still waiting to hear from NPSIA, but it sounds like you are saying they are full.
  12. I show the same thing, but did not hear that I was waitlisted. I keep telling myself I will call. My only consolation is that in past year's threads it shows that this same thing happened to people and they later received offers.
  13. A number of people on here had their status changed to "decision made" after they were placed on a waitlist. I believe those emails went out on March 16. You haven't received anything?
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