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  1. I got an email yesterday afternoon from Munk. If you haven't gotten an emai I suppose that's a good sign!
  2. I also just got booted off the waitlist at Munk. Looks like they finally got around to letting a second group in. Did anybody here get in off of the waitlist? Damn. But also a huge congratulations to anybody that made it!
  3. One quick update (for whatever it's worth) I just called NPSIA and spoke with Pat (I tried calling Tabbatha, but Pat picked up). She just told me that everyone will be getting an e-mail one way or another by May 15th. I know that's not the first time we've heard that from them, haha, but hopefully they mean it this time. Pat made it sound like there was an unusually high acceptance rate for first round offers and that NPSIA has yet to decide if there will be a second round at all. Basically it sounds as if what Irwi said above is accurate and there will be a very small or nonexistent second round of admissions come May 15th. It sounds like at this stage we're all waiting to hear back whether we're being waitlisted for the odd spot in August or refused outright. Good luck, y'all.
  4. Damn.... Well, thanks for checking in with Tabbatha and reporting back. That story makes sense based on how long it's taken to get back to those of us who are in limbo and is basically what I expected/feared. I might still call in just to double check and achieve some sort of closure haha. Better to hear it directly from them so I can stop thinking about it. P.S. Damn damn damn damn damn damn it. Damn.
  5. I haven't heard of anyone getting off the waitlist yet... Based on other schools/previous year turnaround times I think Munk might start letting people off the waitlist in the next two weeks or so. I think the deadline to accept first round offers was early April-ish and through poking around Grad Cafe it seems that second round admissions take a solid chunk of time to be processed. My understanding is that faculty/staff re-convene to assess what the incoming class looks like after the dust has settled from first round acceptance/rejections (e.g. interest areas, gender distribution, etc.) to make sure they have a balanced cohort which can take a month or so like we're seeing here. If you want to get an idea of how this year might pan out you should go check out last year's Munk, NPSIA, etc. thread.
  6. Not sure if this is anything to go by... But UBC just send out their second round, and they sent out their first round about 2 weeks before Munk. If (big if) we can assume that reviewing first round acceptances/rejections takes approximately the same amount of time for most largeish Canadian schools then maybe we can expect second round offers to come out of Munk in 2 weeks or so. This is based on almost no data, haha, just a thought. Telling myself that there's even a semblance of predictable structure helps keep me from driving myself crazy. I got into UBC which is great especially considering that I'm interested in environmental policy, but I'm also on the Munk waitlist and would be real jazzed to get in there as well.
  7. Thanks for posting what you learned! I feel like I've been left in the lurch for so long that any information at all is good to hear. I think I can understand why schools are not willing to give info around when people will hear back, but it's frustrating as hell to not know anything at all! Still haven't been offered acceptance anywhere which I'll admit is moderately surprising to me, but it is what it is! Admission season is far from over, still lots of time (especially if you're on the waitlist ). Sending out good vibes to all
  8. Congrats on your acceptances! One quick question - What made you decide to rule out the MPPGA at UBC? I'm also considering the MPPGA and it seems I have interests that are similar to yours so I'd love to hear the factors that fed into your decision (if you don't mind sharing, that is)!
  9. I'm also in the "recommended for assessment boat" and will be eagerly awaiting any more news via Carleton Central or Tabbatha around why I'm/we're still in limbo. I'll send her an e-mail today and post the reply if/when I get it. I'm also still waiting on a reply from UBC's MPPGA - has anybody else heard from them recently? Good luck everyone!
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