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  1. mppmgaapplicant2018

    Applying to Munk 2019, NPSIA, GSPIA, BSIA etc.

    Yeah, that means you're in! PS: to anyone stressing - last year, my Acorn and SGS status didn't change until a few weeks after my offer arrived via email. Relax. Wait until the school gets back to you!
  2. mppmgaapplicant2018

    2019 Canadian MPPA/MPP/MPA Hopefuls

    Don't read too much into it. There could be a plethora of reasons why that's the case. Also, hey everyone! I'm a current Y1 at U of T's MPP program. I applied to the MPA at Queen's and MGA at U of T last year as well. Happy to answer any questions y'all may have PS: good luck to all! I know how anxiety-inducing the wait can be.
  3. mppmgaapplicant2018

    Chances MPA/MPP/MPPA (Canada)

    Solid scores. Make sure your PS is well written. I expect that you would be a competitive candidate for all three institutions.
  4. mppmgaapplicant2018

    Recommend programs Canada 2019

    I'm a domestic student so I have no idea about the GRE cut-offs, unfortunately. As for your LOR's: I believe professional references will suffice.
  5. mppmgaapplicant2018

    Recommend programs Canada 2019

    If you have an interest in public health, the MPP program at U of T has a collaborative specialization with the Dala Lana School of Public Health. In addition, the program has several placements within the Ministry of Health and Long-term care, if government jobs interest you. If you have questions regarding the MPP program, feel free to shoot me a message, I'm currently in the program.
  6. mppmgaapplicant2018

    Applying to Munk 2018

    So on the 11th Megan actually sent out follow-up emails to those who didn't get back to her with a reply to their offer. I think some people might've declined their offer in their reply to that email - which would've opened up spots on the waitlist.
  7. mppmgaapplicant2018

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Thanks! It was a bitter-sweet moment, but I think I made a choice that best suited my career aspirations. Hope you hear back soon, @lily22!
  8. mppmgaapplicant2018

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Turned down my offer from the MGA for the MPP program. Probably one of the more difficult decisions I've had to make. Hopefully this opens up a spot for someone on this forum. Good luck all! Hopefully I'll be seeing y'all at the new Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy!
  9. mppmgaapplicant2018

    MPA/MPP Applications, Fall 2018 (Canada)

    Turned down my offer from Queen's. Good luck to those waiting! Hope somebody here awaiting a reply from Queen's hears back soon with an acceptance!
  10. mppmgaapplicant2018

    Applying to Munk 2018

    There won't be any exemptions for the 2020 batch per Megan. I believe everyone will have to take the course. Someone should double check to make sure.
  11. mppmgaapplicant2018

    MPA/MPP Applications, Fall 2018 (Canada)

    Can't speak for Ryerson and York, but majority of the acceptances for U of T are sent out this month. Admitted individuals include current undergrads as well. That said, there are some acceptances released in April as well (I'm not sure if anyone is admitted after April). Your winter semester grades likely won't be used if you're admitted in April. Good luck! Crossing my fingers for you!
  12. mppmgaapplicant2018

    MPA/MPP Applications, Fall 2018 (Canada)

    This was incredibly helpful, Youni. Thank you so much for taking out the time to write this out. You've covered essentially every possible aspect that prospective/admitted students have questions about. Seriously, thank you. I have a few additional questions that I'm going to follow up with you via PM if that's alright. Out of curiosity, which schools were you debating on attending at the time of your application?
  13. mppmgaapplicant2018

    MPA/MPP Applications, Fall 2018 (Canada)

    That's such exciting news! Thank you for the heads up! Any idea if they'd be offering the same this year? Going to be shooting an email to the department in any case to inquire about this. Edit: Also, since we've got two first year's in the thread now, would either (or both) of you be willing to share your experience in the program thus far? Has it lived up to your expectations? Any particular drawbacks? How do y'all suggest tackling the econ and stats courses? Some of us are still deciding which route to go and are in quite a decision-making conundrum, so any insight is appreciated!
  14. mppmgaapplicant2018

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Hey folks, just created the facebook group! Looking forward to seeing you all there! https://www.facebook.com/groups/219448248793589/
  15. mppmgaapplicant2018

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Awesome! I just looked up your posting history. Any reason you turned down NPSIA for Munk? Also, should we make a facebook group folks?

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