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  1. MPA/MPP Applications, Fall 2018 (Canada)

    Got into Queen's moments ago. For anyone interested, feel free to message me to inquire about my stats.
  2. Applying to Munk 2018

    gotcha. Looks like we've got about another 3-4 weeks of waiting left.
  3. Applying to Munk 2018

    Did the FAQ web page say early March before? I believe it's optional. I left it blank and outlined my broader areas of policy interest in my PS.
  4. Applying to NPSIA for 2018

    Hey folks, quick question: I've been recently contemplating applying to NPSIA (despite having missed the deadline for the first round of offers). Any clue whether, besides being considered for guaranteed funding, what other disadvantages I might be at by applying later? How many second round offers are extended? Or if they are, at all?
  5. MPA/MPP Applications, Fall 2018 (Canada)

    Thank you for starting this thread! I've applied to the U of T's MPP and Queen's MPA programs and am currently awaiting replies! Good luck to everyone here!
  6. Applying to Munk 2018

    Hey! Thank you so much for your time! Are there any particular internship opportunities especially unique to Munk?
  7. Applying to Munk 2018

    Thanks for taking out the time to give us some insight! Couple of questions: is the GPA that you cited cumulative or the final year's? Further, when I was at the open house they mentioned that the apps to the program tend to hover around the 500-550ish range. I believe 550 was the number that was mentioned for 2017. Would you have an idea if the information relayed to us is accurate? I ask because a 200+ bump in applicants makes it significantly more competitive than it already is. Finally, how have your first few months been? Was the course load difficult to handle? Multiple people tell me that grad school tends to take a pretty big toll on them, mentally. Did you or or classmates have a similar experience?
  8. Applying to Munk 2018

    Of course! If we're both lucky to get accepted to and end up attending Munk, you can be sure that you've already got a friend in me!
  9. Applying to Munk 2018

    Hey Owen! Yeah, so I think that study, while true, is partly skewed. It's more than likely that majority of the data set in that study comprised of undergraduate students - and undergraduate studies here can get isolating for many (large classes, adjustment to university life, commuting, etc.). It's unlikely that you'd face a similar scenario in graduate school - people are required to work in groups, the class sizes are significantly smaller, and the interests of students intersect far more (greater probability of bonding). If anything, I've heard the repeated use of the word "close-knit community" by virtually every MGA student I've spoken to, and there seems a great degree of sincerity in that sentiment. In fact, most of them state that they've formed some of the most formative friendships of their life at Munk. So I highly doubt anyone would face much trouble in making friends with their classmates. As for the international student bit; again, I think that's more prevalent at the undergraduate level. Undoubtedly, I suspect some graduate students would gravitate toward Canadians only at first, but I don't think any of them would preclude themselves from forming deep, meaningful friendships with an international student. On that note, I just wanna say that I honestly don't feel you have anything to worry about! You seem articulate and a have very interesting background, I'm positive you'd have no trouble making friends
  10. Applying to Munk 2018

    No worries folks! We have at least a whole month and a half of waiting left save up some of the anxiety for this time period.
  11. Applying to Munk 2018

    Have you uploaded your latest transcript on SGS? If so, I think you're fine. Additionally, you can change it manually too, I believe! Once you sign in into your online portal, there's a small link at the bottom which reads "Update Academic Background". Click on that and you should be able to update your GPA. I believe that should change the GPAs on your application too.
  12. Applying to Munk 2018

    Here's your answer! "Use your own institution’s grading scale. For example, if your institution uses a four-point scale, use that to calculate your average and indicate what scale you are using, e.g., 3.5/4. If your institution uses only percentage grades, enter your percentage grade, e.g., 78%." So, basically, if your institution uses both scales, you could pick either one, it's fine. My institution uses both, and I used the GPA scale.
  13. Applying to Munk 2018

    Can confirm this. I've spoken with the admissions officials and they've have stated that the final year GPA is weighted more heavily than the CGPA. The CGPA's of previous admitted classes tends to vary to a great degree - it ranges anywhere from 2.9's - 4.0's. The average final year GPA (of the admitted batches), though, tends to be in and around the 3.7 mark. Good luck to everyone applying!
  14. Applying to Munk 2018

    Don't think anyone here can give you a definitive answer, but I think your chances are good. I was at the admissions event a few months ago, and they mentioned that anyone with a 3.7+ final year GPA is considered competitive. Also, hi everyone! I'm going to be applying to Munk this cycle too!