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  1. Congrats on the recent acceptances. I'm still waiting.
  2. Their late acceptances/rejections to those of us who are still waiting to hear from them kinda defeats the purpose of their early application deadline in December. Idk why their applications are due in December when we're still waiting 5 months later. Their early deadline only gives new applicants the false sense that admission decisions would likewise be early (at least this was what I thought when I was applying), but that's clearly not the case. It seems most of us who are still waiting have contacted them at some point in the past few months to inquire about our admission decision and the ongoing wait makes me think they really don't care. It's not the way to treat applicants.
  3. Typos: "...that I'm waiting". "...and I'm still waiting".
  4. I called and e-mailed them back in early February, so they're aware that In waiting. It's now May and I'm starting waiting. Idk if they've all gone on vacation or what. I no longer check that email like I used to and when I do it's for other things, so the excitement for me has kinda worn off.
  5. Yikes. Maybe you can contact them, though I did that months ago and it made no difference.
  6. Yes, I'll just keep waiting. I mean, I don't really have a choice, lol. Congrats on your acceptance, btw.
  7. Thank you and same to you. I applied in December and January 14 was actually when I got an email notification that my application was being sent to the admissions committee. I haven't gotten any other email since and no update on my application portal on RAMMS either. I contacted them in early February when some people were getting admitted to ask when I would receive a notification of my admission outcome and the person I spoke to said she didn't know when I would, that admissions were on a rolling basis. Long story short, I'm still waiting. I'm trying to be optimistic but I dunno what to think now. 😔
  8. Still no word from Ryerson or UofT. Ryerson is my first choice and where I want to go. This long wait is depressing as it is but it would be even more depressing, if, after all these wait, I end up getting a rejection letter. Several pple on this forum hv been accepted. Does anyone know why others, like me, are still waiting to hear from them? Is this silence leaning more towards rejection? Has anyone received a rejection letter from them? I'm sorry if you have. I just need closure at this point so I can stop checking my email, lol.
  9. That's good to know. I've looked up graduates of UofC's MPP on LinkedIn and some of them seem to be working non-policy jobs, compared to graduates from Ryerson or UofT. So I'm glad to hear this.
  10. They're going to email all applicants on these two days? :/. My status is still saying "Under Review". Has yours changed to "Decision Made?".
  11. Nope! I'm still waiting to hear from Ryerson. It's now 2 and a half months since I applied and still no admission response. Last week I heard they started emailing pple on a rolling basis and I thought I would get an admission response of either outcome then but I didn't. I turned my hope to this week and checked my email several times a day and still nothing! I thought Ryerson's early consideration deadline in December meant they sort out admission offers/rejections early, at least within two months but that's not the case.
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