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  1. There’s usually a (mandatory) boot camp/math course offered over the summer prior to the first semester. You will do well as long as you do the work, attend tutorials, and get extra help when needed. This is an example of the syllabus for microeconomics: http://www.atlas101.ca/pm/courses/toronto-ppg1002-microeconomics-for-policy-analysis/. Hopefully it’s helpful.
  2. Hey! Glad you decided on U of T - hope you enjoyed the program. Yes, if anyone has questions about the program please reach out!
  3. In my year (2017), they mentioned the scholarship offer in the acceptance email.
  4. Hey! I haven’t been on this platform in years lol, but came across the 2021 applicant forum and want to chime in. I was part of the 2017 cohort (graduated in 2019). I agree with the above-noted insights. Initially, I didn’t think the theory/“academic” focus and quantitative rigour was necessary for a policy job, but I soon realized the value add. The job opportunities are immensely wide! By God’s grace, in my first year of graduating I became a Senior Policy/Program Analyst in the OPS, and promoted to a Policy Consultant role at a different organization within a year (6+ figures). It’s not
  5. This depends on what other avenues you're referring to. The MPPAL focuses on social, human resource/rights, etc. type of work mostly in government organizations. If you're looking for versatility such as in the private sector, it would be good to take a program with quantitative rigour and/or financial courses. I really like the MPPAL program though, so I took their capstone course in the summer! All the best in your decision and future endeavours.
  6. The name does sell, but it's also about your networking and strengths in developing relationships. You need to showcase what you have to bring to the job and the value you'd add, with the name of the Munk School to back you up.
  7. Congratulations! It's really exciting - I still remember the feeling when I received my acceptance March 2017!
  8. Hey! I'm a second-year student in the Munk MPP program (last semester!). Congratulations to you and DiplomatiCaro! I wish all those waiting to hear back, the best!
  9. Full time. I hope you hear good news soon!
  10. You're welcome! I would say, there has been a trend, particularly, with microeconomics in terms of the difficulty. I think there has historically been a handful of students who were not successful the first time around. That may tell you something; however, it also seems you have some good exposure to economics. Stats is generally less difficult and more doable without having taken an undergraduate course (in my opinion). I think if you prepare and use the help offered at the school you would likely be fine.
  11. I know someone who was accepted some time last/this week.
  12. Aww, you're welcome! Seriously, anything to help. Yes, please feel free to send me a message and pour your questions into my inbox. One thing I should mention here, in addition, is that U of T offers Collaborative Specializations, which was literally a major deciding factor for me. For SPPG the specializations are: Environmental Studies, Public Health Policy, Asia-Pacific Studies, Ethnic & Pluralism Studies, and Sexual Diversity Studies. I had applied to U of T and York University's Master in Public Policy, Administration and Law (MPPAL) program. I was honestly shocked when I received
  13. I am not too sure if the same will be offered this year, but yes reach out to SPPG to inquire. It is always good to get information and confirmation first-hand. I do know students were not expecting it. Regarding your second inquiry, I took nearly the full few weeks given by SPPG to accept my offer when I was accepted in March last year. I had to seriously weigh the costs/benefits of U of T MPP and the other program I applied for and was accepted to. I knew very well that the costs of the U of T program were much higher than other programs, but the fact that the School offered assistance
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