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  1. Anyone taking the Carleton Economics course know if we are required to purchase a physical textbook? Or will there be some sort of online text?
  2. Just accepted my offer to NPSIA after much comparison with Munk! Hope to see a lot of you in the fall. If anyone has taken the Athabasca economics courses, can they comment on how they found them?
  3. The title pretty much explains it. I wanted to open up a new post on the pros and cons and overall verdict of each school that is up to date. I believe the last time this was posted about was in 2015. Open to input from current applicants: Which are you choosing? and alumni: Did you love/hate your choice and why? Looking forward to this!
  4. Congratulations to everyone who received an acceptance email thus far, and to those who were waitlisted/rejected, it seems as though you all have great opportunities to pursue outside of Munk. Truly hoping the best for everyone! I'm just posting with the hope that I can calm some nerves. I have not yet received an official acceptance email, even though I know that I have been accepted to the program via acorn (the 'invited' notice appeared over the weekend). It may very well be the case that data input has been speedier for some applications, as was in my case, for whatever reason. My point is, I am certain that acceptances are coming in on a rolling basis throughout the week. To those who have not heard anything yet, hang tight! This does not mean you were rejected!
  5. Hey there! I put in my application early October. Remember that no news is good news in the case of admissions - best of luck!
  6. Congrats to everyone who got in so far!!! Reading your stories inspired me to check acorn, and I found that I was listed as 'invited' to the MGA program. I have not received an official acceptance letter yet. Has anyone who received offers heard anything about funding? Will they include this info in the letter?
  7. Hi Dean - I would not worry too much. Thus far, it seems that everyone's assessment has remained at 'recommended for assessment.' It also seems that very few people on this thread received an acceptance email, unofficially. Apparently we are due to know for certain in mid march. Hang in there - no news is good news too!
  8. Intermediate/Upper Intermediate would be way more manageable. I'm currently taking French classes and my goal is to improve as much as I can before September, but man, I'm really wishing I paid attention in class back in HS right now.
  9. I also am weak in my second language, at what level do they expect your fluency to be at? Obviously, I want to be bilingual but it'd be stressful to try and achieve full fluency in 2 years while studying.
  10. Congrats on your offer - I'm a similar case in that I was offered admission with funding unofficially last week, and my last name starts with R. There's a chance that they sent out offers for certain programs within NPSIA first. I would be curious to know what your first choice was on the ranking sheet.
  11. Maybe they mean official offers? My offer was an ´unoffical’ email. I doubt they’d have sent every single one on the same day, however.
  12. Hopefully this provides a glimmer of hope that results will come for MGA applicants early March rather than mid-later!
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