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  1. Hi ! Has anyone else changed their research topic/focus many times or was it just me?
  2. I am in my second year of my PhD in Anthropology and I feel abandoned my supervisor. I also feel like she doesn't like my work. Does anyone else feel that way?
  3. I will begin my PhD at Carleton in Ottawa and I find rent prices in this city too expensive for a bachelor/1-bedroon apt. Is is feasable to rent /live in Gatineau? The prices are incredibly cheaper. Thank you Albert
  4. I will begin TA this September [2018] and I am kinda anxious .. itis my first experience and on the top of that, it is the very same department as Lindsay Shephard's. Any help? Hints? tnx
  5. I was accepted at Laurier ( MA) and I was awarded a TAship. Since I have never Ta'ed I would like to hear from you who have this experience. I feel kinda anxious to picture me in front a classroom ! lol thanx !
  6. I got in Laurier fully funded and at UNBC where I might be funded or at least get a TAship but nothing guaranteed. I read that Laurier is a "spoiled boys" school where they go pretty much to party. Also I read at McLean's that the guys love to work out ! Is that true? I am not worried about Lindsay Shephard mess and all, even though my dept. is the very as hers. Anyone have any word to give?
  7. So... After much desperation, hopelessness and anger caused the back to back rejections finally the Calvary arrived and brought TWO ACCEPTANCES, ONE FULLY FUNDED ! Yeyyy! But I need advice ! Laurier is fully , completely funded o/ whereas UNBC is offering a TA with a one-year MA with possible direct entrance to PhD ( funded). Laurier would be at the same dept of Lindsey Shephard ( yeahh i know!). scary.. UNBC will be to correlate Inuit LGBTQ youth suicidal with newcomers'. ( both suffer from prejudice, racism, dire economic conditions ). what could we learn with 2 peoples f
  8. Thank you.. I heard back from UVic on march 18th and today I have received UofT ' verdict' : also refusal. I am Domestic .
  9. Two rejections: UVic and UNBC, the latter really unexpected. good luck to y'all.
  10. does any of you guys know how the 2nd and 3rd choices decisions work at OISE ? Would they let everybody's 1st choice fill up and then maybe they call 2 and 3?
  11. Hey, fellow Canucks ! So far no newzz whatsoEVER ! Like, I am sure that i won't make it to OISE, for instance. However, this lack of news always sparkles an irrational hope. As for the other ones, who knows.. But hey, cheer up ! Spring is about to set in
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