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  1. OISE applicant-friends... is it just me, or has everything come to a standstill? I see no movement on the results page for us!!
  2. I hear ya my friend! The silence is destructive!!
  3. oo, I would like to know the answer to this question as well!
  4. Hey, I have applied to MEd in CP at OISE and haven't heard a peep. I see a few people that have posted on the results page saying they have been accepted... lucky them!!
  5. Nice!! I have only applied to OISE and I am dying to hear from them!!!
  6. Awh! That's a nice dream to have! Don't worry, I am sure you will!! What program have you applied to at UofT? Ps. I see that you got accepted at Carleton! That's a win!! Congratulations!!!
  7. Seriously, eh! Just get back to us already!!! I am unable to focus on anything else.. and I feel like the wait is seriously affecting my mental health!!!
  8. The. Wait. Is. Killing. Me. Anyone else feel the same way?!?
  9. Seeing "invited" is a good sign, according to what I have read (both on here as well as OISE's website) I think you will get something in the mail soon!!
  10. Yes, we are indeed! MA and MEd at OISE only. If you go through old posts from last year... you will feel relieved even further! That's what I do to when I get dangerously anxious, lol! PS. It seems majority of people (UofT) started hearing after first week in March! So, I would so say.. so far, so good!
  11. Hey... same! I have heard nothing concerning MEd in counselling. However, according to the admissions office, they release their results as of March 1st. Also, I have been reading old posts from last year, and it seems that it was about a week after this date that people began to receive their results/offers. I don't think we should give up... not yet! Best of luck...!!
  12. Hey, thanks for your post! Really? From what I have read so far in all the posts is that sgs would be the last one to update their status! Oh well, I just want to hear from them soon!!! Ps. best of luck to you!!
  13. Thank you!! I hope so too. Okay, that makes sense I actually don't have a time issue.. so I will remain patient and wait to hear from them I am just anxious and excited is all! But, congratulations again! And thank you for getting back to me!! <3
  14. Hi! First of all, congratulations!!! I'm so happy you got your top choice!!! I have also applied to UofT (MA and MEd at OISE). I am just wondering how you got your acceptance? (i.e. email, call, ACORN/ROSI or was it mailed) I am so excited people are starting to hear back from them! It's my top school as well!! Do let me know!! Thanks and congrats again!!
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