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  1. If anyone will be attending McGill in the Fall, join our Facebook group! Search for McGill SLP Students - Class of 2020 Looking forward to meeting you all!!
  2. If anyone has accepted their offer at McGill and will be starting in Fall 2018, we created a Facebook group so that we can meet before school starts and get excited together!! Just search for McGill SLP Students - Class of 2020
  3. No problem! I graduated with a BA in Psychology (Honours). Final GPA: 4.07/4.33 so about 3.95/4.0. I have 5 years of experience as lab coordinator in a child studies lab and 3 years on and off as a substitute educator. I wrote an Honours thesis, held a few RA positions in other labs, have 500+ hours of experience volunteering at a helpline for people in distress, and only a few months ago started volunteering with children with language-based disorders as a tutor/mentor, so I actually didn't have much SLP-related experience. Didn't do the GRE's. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any oth
  4. Congratulations everyone on your acceptances!! I got an email from McGill this morning with an offer of acceptance and will definitely be accepting! If you will be attending as well, feel free to message me If you are still waiting to hear back, hang in there!!!! I know it's incredibly stressful keep yourself busy and distracted!!
  5. Hi there! Similar situation - I've been creeping on this forum for some time and now the stress of the unknown is killing me so I've decided to finally start posting in hopes that it somehow helps me cope haha I agree with you, I think that McGill will be releasing their first round this week. From the looks of it in past years, it seems that they typically start calling people on Wednesday of the second week of March. So I imagine that they will start calling towards the end of this week. AHHHH!
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