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  1. Feel free to message me about McGill I will be attending, and went to the open house this year!
  2. Yeah, just got off the phone with UofT, but haven't heard from Western even though I was accepted. Wouldn't be too worried about it!
  3. Hi! I received acceptances to both, my cGPA was 3.78 and sGPA was 3.88. But I agree, it's more about how you can augment your app with volunteer ex, work ex, and strong references!
  4. Hey everyone! I also got accepted to U of T and Western, but have already accepted McGill so that should open up some waitlist spots for the Ontario schools in regards to U of T, the acceptance is JUST on ORPAS (at least for me); I haven't received an email yet but it said I was offered admission on ORPAS. Maybe their official emails are later? I don't see a letter so that's kind of strange, but I'm assuming they update ORPAS first. Congrats everyone on your acceptances/waitlists, and don't be discouraged if this wasn't your year!
  5. Hey I am in the same boat as you - accepted but finishing up school this semester! You just need to maintain a 3.0 for your whole degree - so essentially if you got in, you probably just need to pass your classes and graduate, so don't stress! Send me a private message if you want and we can connect before school - I am also moving and will need to figure out accommodations
  6. UofT reserves one spot for an indigenous applicant every year, as long as all other requirements are met (ie. mid B average, pre-reqs etc). You just have to check off a self-declaration box in ORPAS.
  7. I also received my offer today from McGill! good luck everyone! I will definitely be attending so if anyone else is too, send me a message
  8. Did you need a special undergrad to be accepted to Buffalo or do they take Canadian students without CSD undergrads?
  9. Hi everyone! Been creeping on this topic for quite some time, and the stress of not knowing is killing me! I think I have a fairly competitive application, ORPAS subGPA 3.88, cGPA 3.78, pre-reqs close to 4.00, 178 hours volunteering with SLPs, employment for two summers as Inclusion Director for my City for children with disabilities, speech related thesis looking at first language attrition in the expressive language of grades 3 and 6 french immersion learners, strong references. I applied to Western, Toronto, and McGill this year. Anyone else thinking McGill will release their first round this week?
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