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  1. I AGREE 100%!! This is my FOURTH year applying and I was finally accepted to a couple schools and still rejected from others. But I'm happy to say that I'll be starting my education in the Fall and in 2 short years I'll be an SLP! Don't give up if it's really something you want to pursue! You can do it!
  2. Same with me for McMaster - nothing on ORPAS. I can now see my acceptance in MOSAIC online Student Centre though. I'm really leaning towards Mac! Hope to see some of you there
  3. Yes but it's usually right at 12am so if you're really eager to find out, just stay up late on the Monday, April 2nd ?
  4. I think they sent it to everyone because I'm a current Western student and I still got the reminder
  5. I was unsure if I would be accepted because I didn't have a CSD undergrad. I do have a related undergrad but I was accepted as a "makeup" student which means that I'll probably have to take some extra classes. It looks like I'd have to meet with an academic advisor to know the details. I will probably do that after I hear back from Ontario schools so I don't know all the details yet
  6. I COMPLETELY AGREE! These next 3 weeks are going to be a challenge for sure - I'm trying to stay as busy as possible so I won't think about it every waking moment! I think that my #1 choice is McMaster - I've been living in Hamilton for almost 8 years and I feel really committed to the city and the university - it would be great to not have to move! However I know there are some serious downfalls to attending a program that isn't yet accredited and is basically brand new! So I will seriously have to consider the pros and cons if I am accepted to more than 1 school. So far I've been
  7. Good luck to everyone applying this year! For those who are nervously awaiting the McMaster interviews, I wanted to let you know that the average for interviews last year was 3.77. I don't know what it's going to be this year but it will probably be close. Not sure if that'll calm you down or make you more nervous but hopefully it'll put your minds at ease 1 way or the other
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