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  1. Hey @maroo7! I am a first-year SLP student at UBC right now and was accepted as an out of province applicant! I am from Manitoba! There are 36 students in our cohort and about 7 of us are from out of province. There are a few of us from Montreal, Manitoba, and Alberta, so they do reserve some spots for us, which is great. Hope that helps :)
  2. Hey, I rejected Dal by the deadline (Apr 7) and I received an automatic e-mail response saying they will be out of the office until the 14th. So, hopefully waitlisters will start getting emails then
  3. Just wanted to put some more positivity out there! Last year, I was rejected by four schools... This year, I applied to U of A, UBC, Dal, and Western(again). I have received acceptances from UBC, Dal, and Western! Rejection from U of A...I see a lot of people posting their acceptances and if you are someone who didn't receive an acceptance this year...try, try, try again! Please don't give up because I know that there were times I felt like I wanted to...just try to focus on working harder to impress admissions next year!
  4. I was accepted and haven't received a phone call! I don't think we should be worried!
  5. Just got an acceptance letter from UBC! That means a spot will open up on the waitlist for Dal Also, words of advice for 2nd/3rd timers applying...I know rejection hurts but being rejected by 4 schools last year made this acceptance sooo much sweeter. Any other UBC goers?!
  6. Dalhousie is more expensive because it is a three-year program (compared to all other 2-year programs in Canada). You can apply to the program with any degree which means there is extra course work, I believe.
  7. I have a question for those accepted to Dal! I just received the formal acceptance letter and the date provided to respond to your acceptance by is different from the informal acceptance letter date. The first e-mail said respond by April 7th (Deposit due April 30th), and the second e-mail states that we must pay a deposit by April 3rd. I am nervous about this timeline since I am waiting to hear back from other schools as well... Anyone else confused?
  8. hey everyone! I thought I would share my experiences from applying to schools in 2017 & 2018! Just in case it could help anyone. I applied last year to McGill, Western, McMaster & U of T. I was still still finishing up pre-reqs when I applied. I did not get accepted to any of them, however, I did get invited to the interview at McMaster. It was a tedious and nerve-wracking process, but I am glad I went through it! I tried again this year, got the GRE done and am now in a few pre-reqs for U of A and UBC. I applied to Dal, U of A, UBC, and Western this time around. I just received m
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