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  1. Hey there! I'm currently in my first year of the MSc. S-LP program at the U of A. Regarding your first question, I had one course in progress at the time of the application deadline. Last year, people started getting early acceptances before I even finished that course. I was notified I was on the waitlist in March and received acceptance in April. Regarding your second question, I believe the expiry date is 10 years, but you should ask someone at the admissions office! I was a career changer - I worked in a different field for a few years before pursuing S-LP. Let me know if you have any additional questions!
  2. Hi everyone!! I was on the waitlist at U of A and I just got accepted!! Vicki sent me an email at 9:30am. good luck to those waiting! I’m rooting for all of you!
  3. I’m also wondering if anyone has heard from the waitlist at the U of A? I was creeping some older forums and it seems like there was more movement in the first two weeks of April for Dal and U of A waitlists.
  4. Hey! I assume you’re talking about UAlberta? I had a class in progress when I first applied and only got the final grade mid March. I emailed Noriko and she helped me update my graduate portal - I sent her an updated transcript and prereq doc. I think you can update the grad portal yourself, but better to let Noriko or an admissions admin know that you have updated info! Hope that helps!
  5. I got the waitlist email from Vicki around 4:30pm (close to the end of the work day), so she might have saved some for today to send out? I’m not sure though
  6. I just got an email from Vicki that I have been waitlisted at the University of Alberta as well! Sending positive vibes to everyone still waiting for a response and/or on the waiting list.
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