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  1. Where did you end up accepting if you don't mind me asking? Congrats on your acceptances! The deadline to accept an offer from Ontario schools is tomorrow. They should probably start calling soon after that!
  2. Thanks! I have one day to decide if I want to accept the recommendation to submit my official acceptance. If I do, I have until April 20th to officially accept the offer and send the deposit.
  3. Just to let you all know, they started making phone calls for the waitlist at McGill!
  4. Ok thanks! I was able to find it and it seems that for Sept-Aug, the tuition fees are 12,780.00
  5. I accepted my offer to UofT! Will you be going to the open house? I've been looking for the tuition fees for UofT as well but I wasn't able to find any information. Where did you find the price for Fall-Winter? Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! I've been following this forum for a few weeks now and I want to thank everyone on here for all the information and mental support!! I was just accepted at UofT and waitlisted at Western, McMaster and McGill. Does anyone know if you get an email from UofT with more information before you firmly accept the offer?
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