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  1. My overall GPA was around a 3.8, but my last 60 credits brought me to a 3.92 (on the U of A scale -- for ORPAS, it was a 3.89). I hope that helps!
  2. I am also a U of A student already, but Vicki also emailed my personal email saying I got in. Best of luck!
  3. Just got an offer of admission to the U of A! I am SUPER relieved after hearing other people get in nearly a month ago. I will definitely be accepting!
  4. Those numbers are higher than I'd imagined, actually. I knew it was expensive, but that's a lot! This is a pretty broad question, but does anyone know if students are usually eligible for scholarships from the faculty? I know it depends on each person, but are there lots of scholarship that SLP grad programs tend to give out?
  5. If you don't mind me asking, what do you think made the difference for you the third time you applied? I'm just trying to create a plan for myself if I don't get in.
  6. Also, I just received an email saying I'm waitlisted at Dal. At least it's not a rejection I guess!
  7. To the people who have made it into Dal: out of curiosity, did you say that you wanted to do a thesis when you applied? And would you mind sharing your stats with us? Thanks everyone for being so supportive! Even though this thread gives me a lot of anxiety about others getting in, it's also very comforting... I guess I have a love/hate relationship with it. Haha
  8. I believe they do. In the application process, they ask for transcripts from multiple schools (if applicable), and they also ask for English translations of transcripts in case people went on an exchange. You can always ask the schools that you’ll be applying to in particular though! I know a couple people who used their exchanges as a way to support their application though - they are great learning experiences that can show you the significance of language if you’re in a country that doesn’t speak your native tongue.
  9. It would be interesting to know how many acceptances the U of A sends out in their first wave. It's super nerve-wracking not knowing! Ha ha Congrats to everyone who got in so far! I am very excited for you!
  10. Just finished submitting all of my applications! Now is the worst part... the waiting. After looking over past years' threads, it seems to me that schools are fairly inconsistent when it comes to the time it takes them to make a decision. I almost just wish they told us we'd know on a specific date!
  11. I agree, @SLPdreamer1996! I am also debating whether I should include my scholarships in my resume. Since there's only so much space, I'm seriously considering not including that information, but it's also hard to do that because I don't want to leave anything that could be important out! I wish that there was a simple step-by-step "here's how you get in" guide. Ha ha
  12. Wow, thanks for that information @treaclemineroad! That's really unfortunate that everything is so deranged over there! But it's super good to know as an applicant.
  13. Hey everyone! I made a new thread that explicitly says it's Canadian so that we don't have to sift through to find information that's relevant for us! It's called "2018 Canadian SLP Thread", but you can also find it here: I hope to see my fellow Canadian applicants there!
  14. Hi everyone! I know there's a 2018 SLP thread that's supposed to be for Canadians already, but it was really convoluted with posts from other countries, so I thought I would make a thread that's explicitly Canadian so that we don't have to worry about sifting through everyone's posts to find what's relevant for us! Applications open up really soon and I'm sure we're all super nervous! It's really nice to have this community to be able to talk about everything SLP-related! Happy applying, friends! For myself, this is my first time applying. I'm thinking of only applying to the Univers
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