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  1. I was rejected by four schools last year, and then the last school to contact me was an acceptance letter! Don't give up!
  2. Contact the provinces regulatory body to see what kind of licensing they require.
  3. In Canada it's provincially regulated on whether or not you can practice without an exit exam. Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) is the exam, and to the best of my knowledge it can be written two times a year, once in March and once in September. So basically, certain provinces require you to have passed the SAC exam to be able to practice, and some don't. Our program has had meetings with representatives from SAC to give us information, and our class also has two student representative for SAC. I would suggest just taking a look around their website: https://www.sac-oac.ca/
  4. The last time I heard a number for acceptances to Dal it was in the high 20's - I believe 29. It's definitely one of the smaller programs in Canada.
  5. Very wise words! I was rejected twice before finally receiving an acceptance on my third round of applications. It was definitely frustrating, but it means so much knowing that I'm now in the program that I worked so hard for.
  6. Hey Lovetolearn, I can't speak for the rest of my class but my sGPA was around 3.75. I know we had people come into the program straight out of their undergrad, so there were probably people with pre-reqs that were still in progress. Good luck!
  7. I'm in my first year at UofA for SLP and I'm 30 years old, and there are few other people in the program who are also around the same age. We do also have a number of students who have previous Masters degrees, but I don't believe there are any with a PhD. I would pretty surprised if the admissions committee considered age of applicants in the acceptance process.
  8. Good luck to everyone applying this year! I'm 3 months into my first year at UofA, and it's been an incredible experience so far! I look forward to meeting some of you next year
  9. I believe mine was 3.75, though I could be mistaken!
  10. They don't offer a 2 year program. To the best of my knowledge it's 3 years because they have 0 prerequisites for acceptance - potentially any undergraduate degree can be used (though psych, ling, bio, etc. are clearly more associated). If you're wanting to do the program in 2 years you're better off applying elsewhere!
  11. I don't remember who I was in touch with last year, but I think that anyone within the department will either be able to help you directly, or point you toward the right person.
  12. Email the school and ask for recommendations on improving your application. It shows that you're determined to pursue the program and it will give you valuable information on any shortcomings they see in your application (however small). Hopefully your name will stick out next round as someone who made that extra effort. After being rejected by UofA last year, I emailed to ask what I should do to improve my application. I did exactly what they suggested, and I was fortunate enough to get in this year. Don't give up!
  13. Ah cool! I'm in Victoria too! I was wondering if there was going to be anyone else from this area heading to UofA!
  14. Unfortunately I won't have made my move to Edmonton in time for this event. It's cool that this kind of fundraising goes on though!
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