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  1. Hi! Yes for sure! My sub-GPA was around a 3.91 if I remember correctly and my cum-GPA was about 3.85. I received a scholarship in my second year and volunteered and worked in a few labs on campus as a research assistant in unrelated topics (attended McGill). I did a lot of S-LP volunteering, mostly with children with language issues (around 5000 hours or so), less with articulation therapy. Um, also did a bit of aphasia stuff (less than 6 months). I also volunteered (and I'm still volunteering) at a non-profit! I definitely have less experience than my cohort, which was a bit shocking but
  2. I was 21 when I began applying. 21 when I will enter the program (late birthday haha). Got in right away after my undergrad - applied to 6 schools, got into 3 (1 being my top school), wait listed in 2 schools and rejected by 1 school! My program mostly takes older candidates, so I think the average age range is between 23 and 25! Good luck.
  3. Hello gradcafe community! I recently got into a rigorous GPA-heavy master program in Canada (Speech-Language Pathology). I currently have a 3.83 GPA, however I am a bit worried that my grades will drop (they will lol). I am thinking that my final semester, I will receive 1 A, 1 A-, 1 B+ and 1 B-, making it into a 3.43 GPA. Best case, I'll get a 3.5. This is because I took hard classes and I haven't done well in them + the whole stress of the application process really killed my motivation. I was wondering, can my admissions get revoked??? I already payed my registration fee to the program
  4. Firmly accepted my offer at UofT, so people on the waitlist for Western, fingers crossed you'll received good news soon!
  5. Does anybody know the tuition fee for UofT? I was able to find the specific price for Fall-Winter, but not summer!
  6. Since I am a student from outside of Ontario, I was hoping to get maybe some advice on the SLP program in Western and SLP program in Toronto? What are their strengths and weaknesses? I heard that Western is more child-focused, but any additional advice would be appreciated
  7. I was hoping to get responses from students already in the program
  8. Hello everyone I have recently been accepted to both Western and Toronto. I'm not too familiar with the strengths and weaknesses, so if there are any students out there willing to help me out in terms of choosing between the two, I would be eternally grateful! I am more interested in working with the children clinical population if that matters and I am coming from a big city!
  9. Also, what does conditional acceptance mean for both UofT and Western? Do any of you know the required minimum GPA? Thanks
  10. I was told by an SLP student that if I finish for example in Ontario, I can't practice elsewhere (if I don't take the SAC exam), is that true? And also, the link provided, I couldn't find the information about which province requires the SAC and which don't thanks guys!
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